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Thread: Calvin & Hobbes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    It's not uncommon for Ne-dominants to either find common people boring, or simply not be able to figure out a way to approach them. There's a reason ENTP and ENFP are the only extrovert types that are commonly found on the internet -- just take look around this site.
    yeah, i really agree with this. not being social all the time doesn't immediately disqualify you from being an extravert. i tested INFP on all the little high school career tests because of this. but functionally, i am very Ne dom. my ENTP cousin is similar... it took us both until college to really open up socially, and we still both spend a lot of time on our own or with just a couple of close people. Ne dom creates a sort of removal from your environment that i think often manifests in social relationships. we lack the suave of Fe dom, the grounding of Te dom, and the natural flow of Se dom. for me personally it's hard to know where to start with people.


    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Waterson (the artist)
    Calvin is pretty easy to do because he is outgoing and rambunctious, and there's not much of a filter between his brain and his mouth. I guess he's a little too intelligent for his age. The thing that I really enjoy about him is that he has no sense of restraint; he doesn't have the experience yet to know the things that you shouldn't do

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    Calvin - ENTP

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    I agree with the sentiment that Calvin is an INFP.

    I'm surprised people are typing Hobbes as an J. I think he is an INTP. He is imaginative and philosophical like Calvin and a bit of a joker, but is less zany and more rational and down to earth.

    The dad... probably an NT. Not an INTJ. Could be any of the other 3.

    I can't remember much of the mum, but she seemed S, J I think.

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    Calvin is usually listed under "Fictional INFPs" on the INFP profile pages.

    I can definantly see some of myself in Calvin, so I think INFP.

    Dunno about everyone else.

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    Everyone is saying how they were like Calvin, and I'm here because I was/am exactly like Hobbes. I'm curious about his type.

    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    I think that Hobbes is an ENFJ. The Fe seems dominant with him. His most nautural way to behave is to be gentle sociable and extrovert, and also driven to tell out what he values, expecting that peoples-especially Calvin- will act in a more ethic way. This is why he's prone to appears like a "givers-of-lessons" sometimes ("teacher" archetype). He's spontaneous, playfull and opened to the fine pleasures of life (tertiary Se) almost as much that he is wise and spiritully inclined (auxillary Ni). His inferior function is Ti: Hobbes don't really seems to really care about logic for itself, except in the way to serve his Fe. For examples to correct sometimes the inconsistencies in the selfish unrealism of Calvin. He has natural affinities with Susy, an ENTJ who has very much in common with him.
    I like this description except I think he's too laid back and chill to be an ENFJ, I think he could be an ISFP.

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    Calvin mimics the language of adults while not understanding it but using it to dominate. So we have met Calvin, and Calvin is us.

    On the other hand, Pogo tells us we have met the enemy, and the enemy is us.

    Pogo and Calvin are telling us something.

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    Maybe Hobbes is an ISTP...?

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