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    Hard to say. He's seems very chilled out/lower energy from his stage presence. Haven't met him, but I've had the privilege of talking with him over emails. He's very studious and book oriented and got very bored with the rock thing fairly quickly (also if you remember, he and Tom Verlaine wrote a book together and both just wanted to be poets before they started Television.). After the Voidoids, he went back to writing again. As for the punk era behavior, I almost want to say he's an ISFP writer who freaked out for a moment.

    [edit] Cool interview though.

    There's another one in the related vids that's more current (2009).. thought it was cool too.

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    Oh one more thing, in that current interview, he says something about himself that's very un-ESTP --- he purposely promotes failure. I think ESTPs are kind of "go getters", whether for better for worse. In that interview though, the interviewer asks if Hell was upset that others rode on his success, and he says no.. that he was basically staying true to himself, and that if he had succeeded, something would be wrong about it. It's hard to imagine an ESTP saying that.

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