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    Default Just Shoot Me (TV Series)

    Still learning about MB typing interested to hear thoughts on the MB types of the main characters from JSM?

    Jack Gallow - NT temperament, Te dominant - ENTJ
    Maya Gallow - NF temperament, Fe dominant - ENFJ
    Elliot Di Mauro - SP temperament, Fi/Se - ISFP
    Dennis Finch - ????
    Nina Van Horne - SP temperament, Se dominant - ESFP

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    Maya being an ENFJ seems pretty spot on, as well as Nina Van Horne being an ESFP.

    I don't think there are any N characters in the show, however.

    Regardless, this is hands down one of my favorite sitcoms.

    I find it hilarious, and have never been let down, i.e. I've manage to burst out laughing at least once during every episode I've ever seen.

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