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Thread: Am I an ENTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Agreed, 100%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormyapril View Post
    I am laughing so hard I can barely type. Does the crack aspect of an ENTP get on your nerves? Good to know as my bosses bosses boss is INTJ and I should only mirror an INTJ (I am learning).

    So, with respect to my beloved ENFP (Happy Puppy and the fact that together we complete so many due to Ne to Ne Dimensional Conversions as in the 14th Membrane we are all 10^-23 M away from each other), I can vouch that she is an ENFP. When I try to Ti her, we end up in a cat fight in the mud pit at work with the engineers placing bets and egging it on for entertainment. Who wouldn't LUV two strong women battling?
    And I sampled her tears and they have all of the chemical markings of an ENFP in Fi pain, and none of the SA (smart-ass) chemicals of an ENTP faking the feeling of an Fi connection.

    So, here's to Crack and Ne!!! Long live the INTJ, luv the deep pool of thought, although I have no idea how in the world that is my shadow...

    Ahhhh, that would be because I am staring at the sun. A little blind right now.
    I you my crazy ass ENTP. You are my most favorite for ever.

    Just for the record-I broke MBTI. (Are we surprised?)

    I actually took the real test-the official one. It said I was an ENTP, but only slightly on the T, so it made me choose my own type. Based upon your feedback I decided to officially become an ENFP.

    Other thoughts-the test doesn't seem any more in depth than the ones you can do for free online.

    It's way too easy to "choose" what you want to be, even if you dont know what the choices actually mean.

    It also said I was only slightly E, Clearly P, and as N as you can get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Puppy View Post
    Just wanted to clarify as an INTJ keep telling me I am an ENTP.

    yap, yap.
    lol maybe your INTP/ENTP ?

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    You are not obnoxious enough.
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