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    Default Can anybody type this chap?

    Any educated guesses on the historian AJP Taylor?

    [youtube="CqT2kmKPqeM"]AJP Taylor[/youtube]

    This of course is just an excerpt from a longer documentary:
    YouTube - AJP Taylor - "An Unusual Kind of Star": Part 1
    YouTube - AJP Taylor - "An Unusual Kind of Star": Part 2
    YouTube - AJP Taylor - "An Unusual Kind of Star": Part 3
    YouTube - AJP Taylor - "An Unusual Kind of Star": Part 4

    Part 2 gets more into his character. I'll try posting some excerpts from his biography.

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    He comes across as xNFJ.

    Introverted/Extraverted is hard to say in people his age.

    It's pretty obvious that he's intuitive. Not only context and subject but also body language and overall presentation.

    He's appears a feeler in this sense of conviction and it's the overall vibe I get from him.

    J/P is more of a guess. Since it's hard to type someone on that without knowing their home situation. J/P only really becomes obvious when you are around a person that is not being profesional. If you know what I mean.

    And even though it's tough to type any older aged person. My gut feeling tells me he's probably ENFJ.
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    NFJ? Interesting. Concerning his home situation, the one biography I read noted he was often self-absorbed in his thoughts much of the time. Don't know if that helps.

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