Okay, I know this movie is from a million years ago. I just watched it (for the first time, actually), and couldn't resist typing the characters.

Nemo: INTJ
Professor: INTJ
Ned Land: ESFP
Conseil (Peter Lorre): ESFJ

Am I projecting with Nemo and Professor Arronax?

Captain Nemo is a misanthrope, interested in Truth and Justice. The Professor is more interested in research than people, and although he has a soft spot and a strong moral compass, he flat-out says that his life and those of his companions are less important than Nemo's research. They're both classic NT cases and obvious introverts; I'm guessing on the J, because they both seem pretty organized (Nemo especially).

I don't think there's any doubt about Kirk Douglas' character as ESFP. Lorre's character isn't terribly developed, but he seems very SJ to me.