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    Default Jeeves & Wooster

    I haven't read the books, only seen the TV series so far, but I imagine characters are mostly the same personality-wise.

    Bertie Wooster
    Aunt Agatha
    Madeline Bassett
    Aunt Dalia
    Gussie Fink-Nottle
    Tuppy Glossop

    Err, I'm not going to venture any guesses except that Bertie is possibly a good example of a not very intelligent T. Either that or an F who really aspires to being a clever Te user. He has the funniest ideas about thinking, as something that's switched on and off and only done sitting in a chair not otherwise occupied. ("Shall I wake you at six, sir?")

    Jeeves: Seems like an STJ of course, outwardly very SJ-ish but then again he seems to have a way of getting out of serving Bertie whenever he can. What types are likely to disobey or deceive you, with the justification that it's for your own good?

    I love this show, of course.

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    I love the characters! Fry and Laurie.

    Wooster might be an ESfP and Jeeves an IsTJ. That's all I have for now, I've only browsed through the books but I must watch the series again to get into this typing business more thoroughly.

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    Ahhhh... I got an 800 page Wodehouse collection, have just begun it.

    Bertie = a not especially clever ESTP:

    (Stiffy has called a policeman ugly, after her dog caused him to fall from his bicycle.)
    Again I missed the tactful note. In describing this public servant as ugly, she was undoubtedly technically correct. Only if the competition had consisted of Sir Watkyn Bassett, Oofy Prosser of the Drones, and a few more fellows like that, could he have hoped to win success in a beauty contest. But one doesn't want to rub these things in. Suavity is what you need on these occasions. You can't beat suavity.

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