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    Default Axis Powers Hetalia

    Is anyone else here familiar with Axis Powers Hetalia, the webcomic-turned-manga-turned anime series? For those not in the know, Hetalia is a very lighthearted and strange series, the basic premise of can be summed up as Germany and Italy's gay adventures! In the world of Hetalia, all nations have their own avatar, or anthropomorphic personification. Hetalia has a large cast (most of the European, Asian, and North American nations are represented so far) with a good mix of types.

    Note: Hetalia is first and foremost humorous, a series in which Russia and America try to psyche each other out by sending the other boxes of extra-small condoms. It is not intended to be demonizing or nationalistic.

    There was a discussion about MBTI and Hetalia over on the livejournal Hetalia community, which I found very interesting even if I didn't agree on every character's typing.

    North Italy: Some of the other fans typed him as an ENFP, which seems to fit silly, affectionate North Italy, who adores almost everyone and completely lacks follow-through.
    Germany: Several people typed him as either an INTJ or an ISTJ. I personally think he's more of an ISTJ if he's either.
    Japan: A couple people typed him as an INFJ. Private, perfectionist Japan has a cruel streak to him though -- I'm thinking of his attack on and disfiguring of China, who raised him and adored him -- that I'm not sure is a very INFJish trait.
    Austria: I stand firm on my hypothesis that he's an INTJ. He's rational, independent, creative, seemingly aloof, and demanding and difficult to satisfy.
    America: Happy, enthusiastic America dominates every room he's in (much to the consternation of the other nations) and has an obsession with being "the hero" and saving the day. He's one of the easiest to type, as a lot of fans agreed on him as an ESFP.
    Russia: One of the hardest to type IMHO, because he's the character who's behavior is most clearly affected by trauma; he's both abused and abuser. I think he's an INFJ because he's clearly very sensitive (INFJs are empathic and their feelings are easily hurt) and I think an INFJs need for harmony and togetherness could become perverted into the 'become one with me so I can wrap you in concrete and barbed wire and keep you safe from the world' mentality Russia has.
    France: I originally thought ISTP, but then modified it to ESTP, which seems to best fit the sensual, debonair, charming France, who is in love with love but not so good at commitment.
    Sweden: Someone else typed him as ISTJ, which seems right to me. He's serious and tight-lipped (to the point of seeming frightening) but very family-oriented; he acquires the pseudo-micronation Sealand and takes him home to Finland so they can have a family.
    Greece: Someone suggested INTJ, but I like the suggestion of INTP better, if only because its so unusual to see an INTP as... sexually active as Greece is implied to be.

    A lot of people typed England as an INTJ or ENTJ, but I'm just not sure. His mood swings are a little wild, and he comes across more as a reformed pirate/criminal trying to act like a gentleman than as a cultured sophisticate like Austria. He's also got what I suspect is a hopeless romantic streak, not just in his interaction with America, but also with France -- see the episode where France proposes to him, and England is thunderstruck until he realizes that France is proposing a political alliance, at which point England flips out on him.

    Someone typed Prussia, Germany's vainglorious and warlike brother, as an ESFP like America, which may well be right, but I think he's mostly suffering from a major case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A list of NPD symptoms pretty much sums up Prussia's character.

    Any thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

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    America reminds me of an ESFP as well. I could see ENFP, but I agree with you. The S seems to fit better.

    Russia: ENFJ

    England: hmmm... I would have said INTJ, but what about ISTJ /ESTJ?

    Prussia: ENTP?

    Hungary: ISTP? ISTJ

    Lithuania: ISFJ or I also have seen ISTJ for him on one of the other threads. I originally thought INFP, but that's probably a stretch.

    Poland: ISFP? maybe ESFJ or ESFP? I'm not sure.

    Belarus: ENTJ

    Estonia: IxTJ?

    Latvia: INFP?

    Japan: I have no idea.

    I really need to learn about more of the characters.
    4w3 sx/sp? INFP, INFp

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    Love it, we're so cute Crush Prussia!

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    Japan seems to be an IxFJ, and his period of isolation seems to suggest inferior Se acting up, so I'll go with INFJ for him too

    I'm not sure about England, although I'm fairly sold on IxTJ for him. I've seen China typed as an ENTJ before, although I don't know enough about him to tell.

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