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    Default Mists of Avalon (books)

    my guesses:
    Morgaine: INFJ
    Viviane: INTJ
    Lancelot: ENFP
    Gwenhwyfar: ISFP (?)
    Arthur: ENFJ (?)

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    Sorry, I'm not going to contribute much to typing of these characters. It is a long time since I read that book and I was so disappointed with it! I was seriously obsessed with Arthurian literature/novels when I did, and I had heard how wonderful this book was. I just thought it was new-age feminist ick imposed on Arthurian characters.

    Have you read Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy (starting with The Crystal Cave?) or Rosemary Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset? Sorry, hope I haven't just trashed your favourite novel, I just didn't like that book at all!!
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