My background for typing. Have read the following:

Gifts Differing
Please Understand Me II
Principles of Typology
Personality Type - Ans Owner's Manual
Psychological Types

Many have questioned my typings of NTJ/NTPs.

My personal creed:

NTPs (Ne + Ti) = Pursues pure reflections. Seeks to subdue reality to internal reason. Champions principles that sometimes seem so far removed from reality that non-academics write them off.

NTJs (Te + Ni) = Pursues tangliable goals in the outer world. Seeks to subdue internal reason to their (present) objectives in the outer world. This is why NTJs often end up as CEOs: They are naturals at dictating objectives and subordinating everything else to them.

My typings:


All *argued* disagreement is welcome.

If you have a different creed regarding the workings of the functions, we will probably not agree. That's okay too.

(For example, BlueWing thinks that INTJs who are intellectually honest will somehow distance themselves from the directive impulses of Ni+Te and become more dispassionate analysands a la INTPs.)