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    Harry - ISFP
    Ron - ESFP
    Hermione - ISTJ
    Twins - ENTP
    Snape - INTJ
    Dumbeldore - INFJ
    Luna - INFP
    Voldemort - ENTJ

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    Harry is ISFP... he lives in the moment, is moved more easily by sentiment than logic, but prefers the company of a select few. It isn't that he can't be tough (he plays Quidditch to win), but gave out second chances to Malfoy when the room of requirement was burning up, and another one to Voldemort when he knew it was kill or be killed (while Voldemort rejected the side-offer of remorse, Harry still offered it).

    Hermonine is ESTJ. Her basic nature is to follow the rules, a very SJ trait. She is also outgoing, but her Hogwarts years probably were not kind to her as a straightlaced intellectual girl is not a trait females of her age gravitate towards.

    Ron is ESFP. He also lives in the moment, but likes people, and is friends with most people he knows. He's not very intellectual, but stands by his friends.

    Percy is classic ESTP. Top grades, total belief in the government, law and order, and a law abiding member of the community. He's government type, rules and regulations, and only in the end does he see that maybe the rules are wrong.

    Fred and George: ENFP. They LOVE to be the center of attention, and everything from Quidditch to their joke shop supports that. Yeah, it is flashy magic, but it sells, and the twins knew it.

    Arther and Molly Weasely: ESTP and ESFP. Pillars of the community, respected and loved by most, and a traditional family with the husband in a solid government job, and the wife the homemaker. It changed during wartime, but they always have been the traditional couple.

    Albus Dumbledore: INTJ. Smart, bookish, an arrogant intellectual snob... capable of loving very deeply a select few. He had his endgame planned from the start, and Harry was always a pawn to it. Eliminating Voldemort meant human sacrifices. He did grow to love Harry, but like with Grindlewelt, it didn't suppress his ultimate game.

    Snape: INTJ. INTJs are capable of love, but only a few and very deeply. The opposite is true as well; they can carry a deep grudge. Snape has been the ideal triple agent, a reclusive man who favors most of Voldemort's ideals. But when he murdered Lilly, he crossed an unbreakable line. Love can turn to hate, and INTJs can easily turn the fabric of it on it's head. Love for Lilly turned her murder into hatred for Voldemort. A goal for an INTJ is a holy grail Snape grasped at the end.

    Aberborth: He's probably ESFP. As a barman, he has to deal with the public, and he had a deep love for his sister. He wasn't big on being clean, and only reluctantly gave his aid at the end. Still, while in the shadow of his highly respected brother, perhaps he can take a quantum of solace in learning his brother felt he was the more admirable of them.

    Ginny Weasley: ESTP: NOBODY tells her what to do, from her older brothers, to her parents. She's a great Quiddicth player, but smart and determined. She wants to go into battle, and has proved herself in it.

    Luna: An amazing INTP. She lives in her own world, not caring to make friends (but deeply loves the ones she has). She has an amazing brain coupled with theoretical know how, and somehow regards real-life war as nothing more than a classroom exercise. She's also totally fearless. She may know some outcomes of her choices, but as an optimist, she thinks things will work out in the end.

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    Why would Percy be ESTP? It's quite unclear to me why blindly respecting the rules is something specific to an SP? I would say that Percy is definetly a J.

    And I am also pretty sure that Molly is an ESFJ, because she is always so ... suffocating and motherlike.

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    Cool Harry Potter MBTI, because I'm a big fat nerd

    I'm sure there are various minor characters I've forgotten here and there, but I based these on having read all seven books.


    Harry Potter - ISFP
    Ron Weasley - ISTP
    Hermione Granger - ISTJ
    Neville Longbottom - INFJ
    Cedric Diggory - ESFJ
    Cho Chang - INFP
    Luna Lovegood - INFJ
    Draco Malfoy - ENTJ
    Crabbe and Goyle - ISTP and ESTP? Can't remember which is which.
    Ginny Weasley - ENFJ
    Fred and George Weasley - both ESFP
    Percy Weasley - ISTJ
    Fleur Delacour - ESFP
    Victor Krum - INTJ
    Lee Jordan - ENFP
    Parvai Patil - INFJ
    Padma Patil - ISFJ
    Ernie Macmillan - ESFJ
    Dean Thomas - INTP
    Seamus Finnigan - ISTP
    Colin Creevey - ISFJ
    Oliver Wood - ISTP
    Dudley Dursley - ESTJ

    teachers/hogwarts staff

    Albus Dumbledore - ENTP
    Severus Snape - INTJ
    Minerva McGonagall - ESTJ
    Remus Lupin - INFP
    Rubeus Hagrid - ESFJ
    Gilderoy Lockhart - ENFP
    Mad-Eye Moody - ESTP
    Madame Hooch - ESTP
    Quirrell (his outward mask, anyway) - ISFJ
    Argus Filch - ISTJ
    Sybil Trelawney - INFJ
    Firenze - INTJ
    Prof. Flitwick - ENFP
    Dolores Jane Umbridge - ESTJ ftw!
    Prof. Sprout - ISTJ
    Barty Crouch, Sr. - ISTJ

    parents/ghosts/other adults, muggles and creatures/misc.

    Mr. Arthur Weasley - ENFP
    Mrs. Molly Weasley - ESFJ
    Charlie Weasley - INTP
    Bill Weasley - ENFJ
    James Potter - ENTP
    Lily Potter - INFJ
    Vernon Dursley - ESTJ
    Petunia Dursley - ESFJ
    Cornelius Fudge - ESTJ
    Sirius Black - INTP (possibly ENTP, can't quite decide)
    Amos Diggery - ISFJ
    Igor Karkaroff - ENTJ
    Rita Skeeter - ENFJ
    Nearly Headless Nick - INFP
    Dobby - ISFJ
    Kreacher - INTJ
    Moaning Myrtle - ESFJ
    Aberforth Dumbledore - ISTP
    Nymphadora Tonks - ENFJ
    Kingsley Shacklebolt - INFJ
    Peeves the Poltergeist - ESTP


    Voldemort - ENTJ (as Tom Riddle he was perhaps INTJ)
    Lucius Malfoy - ESTJ
    Bellatrix Lestrange - ESTP
    Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail - ISTP
    Barty Crouch, Jr. - INTJ
    Fenrir Greyback - ESTP
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    There are already threads on this subject in the Popular Culture Type part of the forum, but I must say that I'm amused you typed Kreacher as INTJ.
    Artes, Scientia, Veritasiness

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    Potter threads merged.

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    First off- I've read every Harry Potter book 3+ times each, and have read the 3rd 8 times now. I have sen ever movie out hundreds of times, and I even visit a few Harry Potter fan sites, like Mugglenet.

    That being said, I have thought long and hard towards their types, and with everything I know towards Harry Potter- this is what I have.

    Harry Potter: ISFP

    Harry is in the Griffyndor house, which in and of itself is an FP house- fighting for what they believe in. Harry is total non comformist, he avoids people, is very curious of things, likes to get cement evidence to put towards his theories, he isn't extremely logical, practical, or insightful, but acts spontaneously based on his emotions.

    Ron: ESFP

    Ron is definitely SP, no doubt about it, he likes getting assurance from people around him (E), he sticks up for Harry even if means getting in trouble or risking safety (F), he defends his family values (F) and he is a perfect match as best friends with Harry. He also lacks a little self confidence, which doesn't necesarily an ESFP thing..

    Hermione: ISFJ -> INFJ

    She is clearly a SJ at the beginning of the storyline especially with how stuck up and prudy she was. But as the story got more involved, she really sets aside his little miss rule follower character and starts providing for Harry and his overall goal, in which, you can say she is more like an INFJ. If it weren't for her, Harry would have never made it through the Triwizard tournament, as well as other things she's pulled Harry through. She is secretive, especially with the time turner in the third book, and she can often see events as they are unfolding. They gives off a motherly vibe to Harry- something clear of her INFJ, and she is the strength he needs throughout the book.

    Dumbledore: INFJ

    This is pretty much a given, as he is very wise, and is rarely lead the wrong way. His intellect is sharp, his mind weary and sharp. His wit is sharp, and he almost gives off a bit of a silly character. From the seventh book, we find out about Dumbledore's past- how smart and perfect he was as a kid, his need for adventure, and his interest in the Deathly Hallows- which one can infer is very INFJ-like. He is very sensative and cares deeply for Harry as an individual (Fi).

    Hagrid: ISFJ

    Hagrid is a teddy bear- admitt it. He is very sensative- as with Norbert the dragon from the first book. He doesn't fight for justice- yet stands up for Harry and his values even though it risks his status as a teacher. He is definitely SJ, though, as he doesn't see the plot too clearly throughout the book.

    Draco Malfoy: He seems very ESTJ, maybe ESTP.

    Draco is a tough one, even with study. He is surely an EST, as he is constantly aggitating Harry and looking for trouble and trying to get back at Harry. His roll in the 6th book may show an ESTP side to him, and how much of a struggle it was for him to fix the disappearing chair in the room of requirments. He sees his destiny as a death eater (even though he doesn't end up bad in the very end of the 7th), and is loyal to them.

    Arthur Weasley/Weasley twins- ENTP.

    No doubt about it- they love experimenting, Arthur is fascinated with Muggle's- something that not the average wizard would be interested in. Arthur is clever, intelligent, and yet very loyal and supportive of his family, which may argue with ENTP- but his overall character is ENTP...The twins- obviously ENTPs- very playfull, always pulling pranks, are extremely ingeniuos, clever, and are always inventing things- hense the name "Inventor" for ENTP.

    Ginny: INTJ

    Could be open to anything, though I'm leaning towards INTJ or maybe ISTJ. She seems pretty straightforward, and quiet.

    Snape: INTP

    I know there is a lot of fuss about him being an INTJ, but you must look into him. He lives a terrible life, was made fun of all throughout school, and struggled with what side he belonged to, though we know he was loyal to Dumbledore. He is an overall mystery throughout most of the storyline, he's very intelligent, witty, dark, and clever (INT). I'm saying P for I can see the internal struggles he was constantly facing, and how not straightforward he is. If he was a J, he'd be a little easier to understand and type and straightforward.

    Voldemort: INTJ

    NO WAY IS HE AN ENTJ, as is clearly states numerous times throughout the 6th and 7th for his want of solitude, and how he preferred to do things on his own. He had is own agenda- his own plan and stuck with it. He was curious, extremely intelligent, and sort of self absorbed, though he lived a tragic life. He had a small exclusive group of followers and was never open to any of their ideas, and never ever talked about himself or his life. INTJ fits Voldemort that fits another thing very well!

    Lupin: INFP

    Lupin was the quiet, sensative, secretive on of the group when he was in school with james, sirius, and peter. His story was a secret, and only his friends knew for a long time of his second life. He treated Harry as an individual (Fi), and overall gave off a very seclusive, quiet, mellow vibe- INFP.

    Sirius/James- ESTP

    Sirius and James were pranksters, and goofed off quite a bit, as we so often were told throughout the stories. Though they both may also be ESFPs, the two of the were warriors at heart, and stood up against the evil in the world.

    Neville: ISFP

    Neville is a lot like Harry, surprisingly, yet they have both lived two very different lifes. He is quiet, self conscious, has a low self esteem, and is a very curious kid. He is frank, kind, and you can't not like him. He sticks up for his values- as seen in the 5th book where he tries to avenge his parents when he meets Bellatrix. He has lived a sad life, almost as sad as Harry's, but we have to infer that as the story is of Harry's perspective, in a way.


    Harry: ISFP
    Ron: ESFP
    Hermione: ISFJ -> INFJ
    Dumbledore: INFJ
    Hagrid: ISFJ
    Snape: INTP
    Draco: ESTP/ESTJ
    Arthur/Weasley Twins: ENTP
    Ginny- INTJ/ISTJ
    Voldemort: INTJ
    Lupin: INFP
    Sirius/James- ESTP (maybe ESFP).
    Neville: ISFP

    House types-

    Gryffindor- xSFP - the value warriors
    Hufflepuff- xSTJ - the equality supervisors
    Ravenclaw- xNxJ- The intellectual wisemen
    Slytherin- xxTJ - the exclusive purebloods


    Molly Weasley- ESFJ
    Luna Lovegood- INFP
    Trelawney- INTP
    McGonnigal- ENTJ
    Dobby- ESFP
    Kreacher- ISTP
    Dudley- ISTJ
    Vernon- ESTJ
    Petunia- ISTJ
    Cedirc Diggory- ENFP

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    Want of solitude doesn't make Voldemort I. He's clearly Te dominant.

    Also Hermione is definitely ISTJ.

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    Snape has an INTP vibe going on.

    Voldemort has an ENTJ vibe going on. Possibly XNTJ.

    Dumbledore has an INFJ vibe going on.

    They are very interesting N characters. I don't see anybody as an INTJ unfortunately. Voldemort is the closest. The first book gave me the impression that Voldemort was an INTJ, but later on his strong Te becomes more apparent. The books/movies would be better with one, if one of the already main characters were one.

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    Harry: ISFP
    Ron: ESFP
    Hermione: ISTJ
    Snape: INTx
    Voldemort: ENTJ
    Weasley Twins: ExTP

    Luna Lovegood: Autistic INFP

    There's no way she's Ti dominant. She actually believes all the tripe in her father's magazine. She's an expert on weird creatures, and is interested in it to the exclusion of most other things. In many conversations, she mentioned 'facts' or ideas from the Quibbler. That's very Autistic, viewing the world largely in how it relates to her savant interest. She isn't connected to criticism, because she's abnormally detached from reality in general. Yet, she's also kind and has an underlying sense of warmth about her. I think she has Aspergers.

    Dumbledore: xNTx
    "Although [Dumbledore] seems to be so benign for six books, he's quite a Machiavellian figure, really. He's been pulling a lot of strings. Harry has been his puppet," she explained. "When Snape says to Dumbledore [toward the end of 'Hallows'], 'We've been protecting [Harry] so he could die at the right moment' — I don't think in book one you would have ever envisioned a moment where your sympathy would be with Snape rather than Dumbledore."
    While Dumbledore grew to care for Harry, the goal above all, drove him. He never forgot that. That's typical of Ts that work towards a cause they believe in. They concentrate on the overall picture, not the individual people. INFJs aren't usually the type to scheme and manipulate. Nor do they usually sacrifice others for their goals. They would be the martyr first.

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