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    Default Tabatha's Salon Takeover

    Any thoughts about Tabatha Coffey's type (Tabatha's Salon Takeover, on Bravo)? I adore her. She's like the Simon Cowell of hairdressers.

    My gut says ESTJ.

    --Brilliant hairdresser (watch her work on Shear Genius, s1)
    --Loves the business aspect as much as the creative aspect, and can turn failing businesses around in a week's time
    --Can be a complete b*tch, and has no patience for incompetence or laziness, but can be very sweet if you're not working her nerves.
    --Has no problems stating exactly what she thinks of someone, right to their faces, but also is very honest in addressing her own weaknesses
    --Cares more about other people's competence than their friendliness, niceness, etc.
    --Can't stand for a salon not to be sparkling clean
    --Was very loyal to the friends she made on Shear Genius, and tried to help them out when she won a challenge and got to assign everyone else's challenge subjects. Also used that opportunity to try to screw over her very cocky nemesis.
    --Is amused sometimes when people are threatened by her.

    Will try to find some good video clips, too.
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    I agree.
    Between that cigarillo and sticking my finger down my throat to see if I could DT, I feel like puking RN.

    Read my Blog.

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