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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    Ah, the movie about my mind.

    Anyway, I think John Nash is an INTJ. He has dominant Ni written all over him.
    Yes, the real John Nash, anyhow. But do you think this is conveyed accurately in the film?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merkw View Post
    Yes, the real John Nash, anyhow. But do you think this is conveyed accurately in the film?
    Schizophrenia leads its patients to be disorganized. And from what I've read, John Nash in A Beautiful Mind was a reasonably accurate portrayal.

    While he was an absent-minded professor type, he didn't really display INTP absent-mindedness -- Nash (in the movie) was much more focused and obsessive. An INTP mind tends to be more floaty, so to speak.

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    He's an INTJ because he is awkward in love situations and kept getting smacked. He must have married an ENFP too because she was such a feeler and very charming and didn't mind his awkwardness at the picnic when he came right out and said that he wanted her sexually. Nash also worked very hard at his love relationship with his wife and stopped taking the medicine so she wouldn't have to suffer sexually and INTJ's are notorious for working hard at much so that intuition about needs and wants is so successful that it almost replaces the need for feeling. Oh and he was self confident to the point of appearing arrogant. INTJ for sure!

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    I'd go with INTJ, but only because it seems every dramatisation of split-personality seems to occur to Ni characters.

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    Id say intp with high Ti and disturbed Ne. This kind of disturbed Ne + dominant Ti might look like Ni, so it makes him look like intj.

    Enyway, its a great movie, one of the few ones i really like.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
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    INTP from his biography. He likes to think, day dream, learn by bouncing ideas off people, adopts very little structure when it comes to learning, learns things halfway, then attempt to synthesize ideas. He was known for being bold, brash, approaching Einstein to discuss his ideas. He does act like an emotionally immature INTP, to the point of being narcississtic and uncaring of the people around him.

    These marked INTP traits failed to come across strongly in the movie, which romanticized his relationships and focused on his mind/ ideas/ genuis/ illness. The movie was more of a fairytale of a genuis's battle with schizophrenia, rather than any true reflection of Nash's personality. He was portrayed as disorganized, but not particularly reclusive, full of original ideas - which can qualify him for INTP, ENTP or INTJ.

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    I think he's an INTJ in the film. I see a creative strategist with freakish mind and pattern recognition skills who is engaging but distracted. He gets the whole relationship and emotional side, but he's always off chasing a dream of seeing or creating a perfect theory. I know a few professors who remind me of him at university. I know they aren't ENTP or INTP, but not sure what they are.

    For real life one: Photos of him and his biographical details remind me of INTJs I know also. Especially the reading and absorbing lots from a young age. Some I know are like encyclopaedias.

    Could only find two photos of a young Nash.

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