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Thread: Hitler

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    "The only time I'm wrong is when I'm questioning myself."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I've noticed people find it easier to blame evil stuff, especially if it's related to a personal vision, on F's..
    Actually... I know this will come as a streach to anyone on this thread, but Hitler's astrology had the potential to be a truly enlightened being, which he chose to abuse... rather than rise above. but thats a strech for most....

    If you ignore the atrocities... the guy had amazing influence... had the stardome of a rock star, was considered a major sex symbol of his day. He had huge influence and manged to tap into the consious psyci to a near level of worship... and he is just a man - the big issue at the time was his influence on the collective consiouness.... not just himself in his own right I think.

    It's easy to write evilness off as having poor social skills and inpatitude, but mass murderes tend to have high levels of social skills in order to influence... presumably Ted Bundy was possitively charming.

    I'm not say for sure that Hitler was an F type (I was actually taking the piss about his being ENFP - just imaging him floating around talkign goobledy goop to people), its all conjecture anyways, but he would have had to have increadible social skills to be able to comand that level of personal influence. I also think we get very little information about the man himself that is not spun beyond recognision, it's still increadibly rare/never seen in colour in the UK... such the propoganda... It's difficult to split him out from the reputation of the 3rd Reich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I've noticed people find it easier to blame evil stuff, especially if it's related to a personal vision, on F's.

    More chance, in my mind, for him to be T... with a poorly developed N and F. Those functional areas of his psyche seem immature and malformed to me.
    Yeah, that's what it seems like.

    I voted INTJ, I think the NiTe combination is appropriate for him. Granted, a terribly unhealthy one.

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    "If the war is lost, then it is of no concern to me if the people perish in it. I still would not shed a single tear for them; because they did not deserve any better."

    How can you interpret that as anything but Inferior/Tertiary Fi?? As well as his decision to "go down with the ship" by staying in his bunker and fighting, even after Berlin had already fallen to the Soviets.

    It's tough to decide between Ni or Si; I'd go with Si actually, since he placed so much focus on the purity of one's Aryan heritage and was focused on "restoring" Germany's influence and power in the world. (concern with bodily purity and heritage is a good indicator of Si).

    I might actually go for ESTJ.

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    Effed up INFJ w/the gift of rhetoric.
    Give Mein Kampf a read sometime.
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    The feminine side of his character, labeled 'bohemian', 'intuitive' and 'artistic', was obvious to those who knew him. Otto Dietrich put it this way: 'By nature Hitler was a bohemian. He allowed himself to be guided almost exclusively by emotional considerations...He often said that a single brilliant idea was more valuable than a whole lifetime of conscientious office work.'

    Even the uncritical Below had to admit being befuddled by his Führer's manifest contradictions. In his opinion, Hitler was victim of two conflicting drives. On the one hand he was an artist, with the artist's love of freedom and his reliance on intuition and inspiration. On the other hand he believed, like Rienzi, that he had no choice but to sacrifice himself to save his fatherland. The aesthetic impulse, Below maintained, could never be reconciled with the demands of state. Fritz Wiedemann put it less poetically. Hitler, he said, liked to believe that 'problems resolve themselves', and he therefore simply let troublesome matters slide. In any case with the passage of time these various characteristics became more pronounced. 'The surer Hitler felt in the possession of power,' according to Fest, 'the more conspicuously his old bohemian traits came to the fore, his laspes into torpor, his moodiness.' The point was repeatedly confirmed in Goebbel's diaries. Far from being the invariably firm, decisive dictator that he appeared publicly to be, Hitler could often be a dilatory and wavering leader.
    --Frederic Spotts, Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics pg.92-93

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    That's an excellent post there. I can't believe so many people think he was an ENFJ. I'm baffled. Have you people met an ENFJ in your life? I love the qoute in that topic about NFJs. "Oh my, I am so sensitive to conflict, I better start a World War...?"

    I really believe he was a depressed ENTJ. He also had other personality disorders. Here's my post from an INTP forum discussion about Hitler's type(first quote isn't mine):

    Quote Originally Posted by Mashed Potato
    E - attempts to establish a community completely conforming to his own ideology; aims to mould the world instead of moulding his own conception of world
    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_
    E - what mashed potato said + good public speaker, had a feeling for the crowd, external world was the real world for him after all. Also the ability to persuade people to your own vision is more E than I. Being an extrovert is not about being loud. I'm a very calm and quiet person most of the time and I'm sure I'm an extrovert. My real world is the external world. Also he was depressed and fucked up most of his life so he wouldn't be a typical extrovert anyway.
    N - he was obviously intelligent and able to understand complex theoretical issues, his vision, he had Ni written all over him
    T - do you guys know any NFs? They don't have the ability to be evil. They just can't do it. It makes them physically sick. It produces them pain. They can only hurt people in tremendous amounts of anger and then regret it later for the rest of their life. You can't be angry all your life. Every NF I've ever known was hypersensitive to people's needs and feelings. They are the best of people.
    J - I see there's no doubt about this

    Also he was obviously Fi. Had his own image of right and wrong and because he was an extrovert he projected it into the world with ruthless Te. He was aware that morals are relative, that life makes no sense, he had no sympathy, so that basically makes the world your playground. In his mind he was doing the right thing, and to me some of his ideas actually make sense. He ultimately wanted us all to be pretty, tall, blonde and smart. In most ENTJ minds the goal justifies the means.

    Cost benefit analysis:

    cost: couple of million people, huge amounts of resources, setting the Earth back 10-20 years
    benefit: ubermensch - if he managed to get his vision through to the end, we would all be genetically modified to be beautiful, healthy, having huge IQs and improving the world 10 times faster than now. Imagine a world of millions of sexy Einsteins and Teslas, that's what he saw, instead of deaths before him. The benefit is setting the Earth hundreds of years forward because everyone would be supersmart, superhumans.

    The benefit outweighs the cost, time to implement vision(Te). An ENTJ is the only one who would dare to do this, to play God.

    Also, ENTJs dismiss stupid people almost in an inhuman way. If you know nothing, you have no value in my mind. I know I would rather read the internet all day instead of chatting with most sensors out there.

    There, I've uncovered the secrets of the evil ENTJ mind. I hope I didn't degrade ENTJs more in you mind. We can be awesome when we're on the "right" side. The thing is, we're not sure if there's a right side.
    Especially when your Fi is the last function and you're depressed and fucked up most of your life.

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    Definitely not an ENTJ. That was Himmler.

    An atypical INFJ seems most reasonable. Hitler was also a meth-head, getting daily injections, which can boost an introvert's extroverted energy.

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    Is there an NFJ in existence that doesn't value harmony?

    I just can't imagine an NFJ starting a fucking World War.

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