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    Default jackson rathbone

    hihihihi... i am just wondering how ppl would type jackson rathbone, based on interviews, etc.

    i mean the actor, not his twilight character.

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    Was thinking of starting the same thread (and we are both INFJs )

    I noticed him for the first time in Twilight and even despite his stupid black contacts and blonde hair I thought he was gorgeous, then I spotted a photo of him in real life (see my avatar to the left) and my humble reaction went something like this: "That must be the most beautiful guy I have ever seen!" (despite his Johnny Depp habit of hiding his obvious beauty behind weird hats, big glasses and unwashed looking hair...

    Why would you hide that face?

    YouTube - JACKSON RATHBONE at "The Twilight Saga: NEW MOON" LA Premiere November 16, 2009


    YouTube - TWIST Exclusive: Jackson on New Moon!)

    I read up a bit more on him and he actually seems to be a really interesting guy too, musically very talented and a promising and determined actor; confident but still genuinely kind and someone who wants to be unique.

    Here are some interesting interviews with him:

    YouTube - Jackson Rathbone about Dread
    YouTube - Jackson Rathbone - 'Whatever Happened To Jim Henson?'
    Jackson-Rathbone.Com Media Center

    Here is what other people have said about him:

    Jackson Rathbone Online | Jackson-Rathbone.Com : Your premiere source for the Twilight Saga Star : Photos, media, updates and more!

    and what he has said himself:

    Jackson Rathbone Online | Jackson-Rathbone.Com : Your premiere source for the Twilight Saga Star : Photos, media, updates and more!

    I think he is definitely a feeler (people in general describe him as very kind, always smiling and considerate), probably an extrovert (he seems fine among huge crowds and I remember an interview where one film extra said that he was the only one from the actors that came over to the extras and had long conversations with them). Not sure about S/N or J/P.

    ENFP or ESFP?

    Or concerning his whole wanting to be unique thing even ISFP or INFP?

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