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    Thank you for a fresh topic, finally.

    I see Zach as an Idealist. He has this innocent, childlike air about him. I think he's a very clear Intuitive, because he always looks vacant, like he's not even sure what planet he's on (but I'm sure it's nice and fuzzy on whatever planet he's from) I guess that's what you'd call an unhealthy intuitive. He looks like he picks his clothes out of the drawer very randomly, which also suggest intuitive (or rather intuitive perciever)

    Introvert because he seems to always check with his inner self before he speaks. He is also extremely down-dressed. A big portion of even his standup comedy consists of (awkward) silence.

    He seems like he's a romantic who lives in his own little fairytale land. He doesn't seem to possess a shred of cynisism, sarcasm, or even logical clarity, which speaks alot of NF instead of NT to me. His silence seems to stem from him struggling with fighting back emotion, not with summoning it. Despite being quiet, he does laugh and cry harder than anyone else in the room, which also speaks feeler to me. When he can't hold back no longer, he has rather loud outbursts.

    When asked even a very simple question, he answers another or three others. He doesn't seem to the slightest grasp rules, order or tradition, which of course speaks perciever.

    So I suggest INFP. He plays self-loathing characters that try to understand themselves, which I see that in the "real" Zach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candylandjoe View Post
    After watching bits of the hangover, I've concluded that he's a ridiculously unfunny infp (a terrible, terrible film, by the way).
    how dare you. I have never seen the hangover but I will say Zach Galifianakis is not unfunny!

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