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    Quote Originally Posted by King-Of-Despair View Post
    Bingo! The only thing I don't see is the introversion, I can see how he could fit ISTP, but there's nothing that I can see that rules out ESTP. Especially since it would be more realistic for him to become grow Fe wise because it's tertiary. And the way he rushes into things seems far more Se to me than someone who sits back and thinks before he acts.
    Yeah, I could agree with this. In fact, when I watched the movie I saw him as an ESTP and Neytiri as an INFJ, but later I started to consider Neytiri a Fe-dom, and Jake is not overly expressive so I'd think xSTP fits just well. They're definitely an STP-NFJ couple though, imo.
    Her head hung down
    Gazed at earth, finally keen,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Space_Oddity View Post
    That's not true. At the beginning, he doesn't care about the Na'Vi. At first he doesn't seem to be that feeling or value-driven at all, more like curious about everything that happens to him. It's Neytiri who "raises" him and his feeling side, disciplines him - and that suggest to me the ISTP-ENFJ "opposites attract" couple, where Neytiri is Jake's "Mentor" and makes his inferior Extraverted feeling grow strong.
    I thought Jake was an ESTP. The reason some think ISTP and some thing ISFP is actually because he an ESTP and the emotional-vibe is Se attunement to the world around him. The act first, then analyze in the moment/think later mirrors the Se-Ti function order. Neytiri seemed to me to be the more introverted of the two, giving off an almost oracle-like vibe with knack for action on the side. I know 2 INFJs who surprisingly enjoy shooting firearms! She does act as a mentor, but only by necessity.
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    ESTPs are commonly confused as the stereotypical Parker Selfridge the "enterprising asshole" but apparently nobody noticed that this guy was not in touch with the world around him at all. It's more likely he's an ENTJ - his focus is not the real obstacles of the situation just the big idea of getting the mineral and making money without stopping.
    YouTube - Avatar Featurette 'Parker Selfridge'

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