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Thread: Full House

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    Joey: ESFP
    Uncle Jessie: ISFP
    Danny: ESFJ
    DJ: ESTJ
    Stephanie: ESFP
    Michelle: ENTP
    Becky: ISFJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamBeliever View Post
    Danny- ENFJ
    Joey- ENFP
    Jesse- ISTP
    Stephanie- ESFP
    DJ- ESTJ
    Kimmy- ESTP
    Rebecca- ESFJ
    Oh, & Michelle- ENTP

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    I watched the entire series three times when I was around ten. I think this show and Friends are the only two sitcoms that I've been hooked to and watched in their entirety.

    It's been some time so it's likely I won't remember them enough to type them correctly on the Enneagram.

    Danny - ESFJ 1w2 so/sp
    Jesse - ISTP 9w8 sp/sx
    Joey - ESFP 6w7 or 7w6 so/sx
    DJ - More of an ENFJ 3w2 so/sp
    Stephanie - ENFP
    Michelle - ENTP to my best guess
    Becky - ENFJ
    Gibbler - ENTP

    Maybe when I've seen this show again I'll come back with some more accurate typings.
    INTJ | 5w6 (sw 4w5) > 8w9 (sw 9w1) > 2w1 sp/so

    I put the Ni in Nightmare

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