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    Default Hannah Arendt; Fe-user

    I am sorry that I don't have time to write a long post, but I've never really gotten Hannah Arendt. Why is she so significant? - Would we even have taken her serious as a philosopher if she had been a male? Or if she had not had the engagement with Heidegger? And most importantly: What is her type?

    I used to think ENTP, she is clearly an extrovert who writes accessibly and never too obstrusely. I though that she was merely an underdeveloped ENTP without anything truly original to say.

    But recently, I have begun to think of her as an ENFJ. I think her attempts to desribe various things, be thay philosophical tidings or political systems make much more sense if you see it as an Fe-dominant personlity trying to tell us all what to think.
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    I'm not sure about her type, though I've read a couple of things from her ('What is politics?'), and I really dislike her thinking and writing style.

    Now that I think of it, ENFJ might be the correct assumption. Definitely not an ENTP.

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    @ blackwater: I have never heard of this person before, but wow, just from those few sentences you describe her with does she need be in remedial classes or something?
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    I generally hate Arendt too. Much of her analysis of "totalitarianism" is pretty ahistorical.

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    I don't know...I kind of liked Eichmann in Jerusalem. As to her type, I'm pretty convinced that she's some sort of F.
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