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    I am inclined to agree. If he was 6w5 he'd have more of an issue with codependence.

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    Mark - IxTJ 6w5
    Jeremy - ENTP 7w8

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    Definitely think
    Mark - INTJ
    Jez - ENFP

    Although they are different they 'get' each other and I think that is the shared N. They both read between the lines a lot and are in tune with each other in a way and S and an N wouldn't be. The sort of humour they find funny is often to do with reading between the lines and noticing things about a situation that are ridiculous but not immediate to the eye. This is way more N than S. Jes also doesn't seem that interested on experiencing tons of new experiences in my opinion so don't think he is an Se Dom. When he is at home alone he invents creative and out of the box ideas to keep himself entertained and so does Mark, like the 'Megatron'.

    Mark can very rarely show Se which I think is his inferior function as an INTJ like occasionally becoming impulsive in the moment and doing something strange.

    I can't pinpoint exactly what it is that makes me think they are both Ns other than that I don't think I would be able to relate to them so well if they were Ss. It's mainly their kind of humour and the way they are both quite out of the box thinkers and when they are talking to each other can pick up certain things, like reading between the lines that I think an S would find random or irrelevant.

    If Mark is INTJ, it also shows how him and Sophie didn't get on. They just never truly got each other and I think that was the N/S divide.

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