Okay. There are at least three threads discussing XXXX type villains/heroes. There is the INFP villain thread, the ENTJ non-villain thread and the ESFP slapstick antihero thread.

I would like to make a more general thread, discussing the different types and the kind of heroes/villains they would make.

Like this: an ESTJ hero is the loyal soldier. He doesn't understand magic nor strategy. He would choose for a matter-of-fact approach even if this is not the best way. He will be pitted against a background of rapidly changing situations he has to adapt to.

I also would like to make a list like this:

Type / Hero(ine) / Villain(ess)

ESTJ / /
ESFJ / /
ISTJ / /
ISFJ / Don Jose (Carmen, Bizet) /

ENTJ / Stach (King of Katoren, Terlouw) /
ENTP / /
INTJ / /
INTP / /

ESTP / /
ESFP / Narrator (The jang phenomenon, T. Lee) /
ISTP / /
ISFP / Harry Potter (Harry Potter, Rowling) /

ENFJ / /
ENFP / / Carmen (Carmen, Bizet)
INFJ / / Voldemort (Harry Potter, Rowling)
INFP / /

Okay - please correct if I mistyped the heroes/villains I've already put in the list.
I would like to collect hero and villain examples of all types!

@ the ESFPs: the narrator in the Jang Phenomenon is not stupid at all and not a comic bumbler either. She is a real heroine! I'm almost sure of her type, too. The other possibility is ENFP.