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    Default V - Television Series

    So I just watched the episode preview for this show and I'm already trying to figure out which type every character is so far.

    Anna - ENFJ. Period. THIS. AND THIS.
    Chad - ESTx
    Erica - EstJ
    Father Jack - ENfp
    Lisa - N/A
    Ryan - ESfP
    Tyler - xsfP
    Valerie - ISFJ

    I'll just be leaving this here. Maybe after the Pilot I will change my mind.

    For those of you in USistan you can watch the preview here: - V - Home

    Not too sure if you can watch the preview if you're from outside the US.

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    So, wait, they changed all the names from the original? I mean, I knew they had to recast, but I thought they would keep the original characters. Now I'm not sure I want to watch it.
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    Well the first episode was pretty awesome if you ask me.

    After watching the first episode:
    Anna - ENFJ still stands
    Chad - ESTP
    Erica - IStP
    Dale - ISTJ
    Father Jack - INFJ
    Lisa - ISFJ?
    Ryan - ESfP
    Tyler - isFP
    Valerie - INFJ
    Chubby Friend of Tyler (Marcus?) - ESFP

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