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    INFJ: the narrator from Fight Club played by (Edward Norton) who's repressed desires to change the world and live strongly in the moment express themselves in split alter ego Tyler Durden.

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    INFP: classic self destruction behaviour. someone likely to stage a fake pregnancy so they can emotionally confront you by force, with words whilst youre with with them during a long time. And since they cannot deal with confrontation, they may even take the kids and poison them, then commits suicide.

    ENFP: classic public drama queen. befriends everyone then tries to get them against you publicly by spreading lies or even making up identities of people who do not exist so they can gang up on you. whatever happens, they want people on their side.

    INTP: classic stalker, hacks into your computer and watches you from afar, thus scaring you to your limits (although he may never reveal himself). most likely to be a part of the anonymous hacking group.

    INTJ: classic narcissist, clinging on to you for life, and then like any narcissist....can get rid of you after they get what they want after sucking the life out of you. usually seeks power using the techniques listed below.

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