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Thread: Evil ENFPs

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    Quote Originally Posted by GemPOPGem View Post

    Evil enfp's....
    :horor: Ahhhh! The eyes! They burn!
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    honestly i could see Bellatrix lestrange as a very broken enfp

    remember she spent a lot of time forced to relieve her worst pain in azkaban

    but its not logic that drivers her, its feelings and ideals, and her inexplicable obsession with voldemort (almost adoration which could lead intuitive feelers against previously held values which is common for easily influenced enfps, and lead these idealists to idealize the wrong things.

    SJ makes no sense, she ran away the wizarding world trying to CHANGE all of the current standards based on her own illogical emotionally driven ideals.

    though in the movies she's portrayed vert entp, like the joker, colder than an xnfp.

    so i could be persuaded entp...
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