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    Default Which type(s) do you think like "pathos" best?

    ...I was wandering if this is anything specific about a certain type or certain types, as a friend of mine really stresses how much he likes pathos (also in lyrics), and I as INFx just think....ooooh...that's just too much for me...I like meaning and metaphors, like him....but I'm rather fond of IRONIC breaks, or sarcasm, instead of pathos.....he really likes songs that lack any kind of irony.
    do you think this is something that can be associated with certain types? I thought it must be NF somehow, but...I'm really strong N and F and dislike it, as I said.
    Could also be completely individual difference, but I'd like to know what you think....l

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    Hmm...could you elaborate more on what you mean? Here's my thing: I do like pathos and complications/flaws in fictional characters, but I don't think of myself as morbid. It's just fascinating to look at that side of human nature. In lyrics, I'm most drawn to writers who convey pathos and have a sense of humor about it, like Morrissey. Too much doom and gloom, or anything that takes itself too seriously starts to border on comical for me. But I'm not completely ironic, either. Some of my favorite songs, now that I think about it, have pretty serious (and depressing) lyrics. I'm wondering if I'm interpreting your question the right way, though.

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    INFP. INFJs might like it, but INFPs really wallow in it, from what I've seen. INFJs tend to maintain more of a distance from it.

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