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Thread: Family Guy

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    Most of the characters changed A LOT over the shows run

    How I see it:
    Peter: Earlier Seasons - ExFP 6w7, Later Seasons - ESTP 7w8
    Lois: ESFJ 2w3
    Stewie: Earlier Seasons - INTJ 8w7, Later Seasons - ENTJ 3w4
    Brian: Earlier Seasons - INTP 9w8, Later Seasons - INFP 3w2
    Meg: ESFP 2w?
    Chris: ISFP 9w?

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    7w8 so
    EIE Ni


    Meg griffin ixfj strong fe
    Do as you please we are as gods

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    Stewie- INTJ 285 iq
    Lois- ISFJ 110 iq
    Peter-ENTP with like 40 iq
    Brian-ISTP 100 iq
    Meg- INFP 100 iq
    Chris- ISFP 60 iq

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    Peter - ENFP 7w6 7-2-9 tritype so/sx
    Lois - ESFP 7w8 7-2-1 tritype sx/sp
    Meg - ISFP 4w3 sx/so 4-6-8 tritype
    Stewie - xNTJ (I think he'd show a definitive preference for either Ni or Te later in life. So far they seem balanced to me.) 5w6 5-8-3 tritype so/sp
    Brian - INFP (He's one of the characters that I relate to very strongly) 4w5 - 7w6 - 1w9 tritype sx/sp

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    Peter- esfp
    Quagmire- estp
    Stewie- intj or intp
    Brian- infj
    Meg- isfj
    Joe- Estj or Entj
    Cleavland- infp
    Chris- isfp?

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