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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephano View Post
    I always thought Arthas was a strong Fi user. His hunt for Mal'Ganis is entirely intrinsic. He wants revenge for personal reasons, not because he sees it as his duty or anything similar.

    Thrall is really ENFJ, possibly 9w8. He's even got the nickname "Green Jesus", a reference to another Fe user.

    Jaina could be INFJ. I doubt she is ISFP because her enneagram is likely 1w9.
    My final (and current) guess for Arthas is ESTP. Always felt he uses Fe because he seems to really care for his people (before claiming Frostmourne). And I've always thought he was a "man of action". I guess everyone plans when they want something, right?
    And for Jaina, I thought she could be INFJ as well...first, because of bias (Arthas + Jaina). You could be right for the ISFP alternative...or she could be an ISFJ. Didn't see Ni in her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petrahygen View Post
    My final (and current) guess for Arthas is ESTP. Always felt he uses Fe because he seems to really care for his people (before claiming Frostmourne). And I've always thought he was a "man of action". I guess everyone plans when they want something, right?
    And for Jaina, I thought she could be INFJ as well...first, because of bias (Arthas + Jaina). You could be right for the ISFP alternative...or she could be an ISFJ. Didn't see Ni in her.
    Hmm, the choice he made in stratholme to purge the city, even though Uther and Jaina didn't agree with it made me think he is an Fi user. He put his own sense of righteousness above that of others.
    I'm going with ESFP, because he didn't really show any sign of Ne.
    Later on, when he merges with the lich king, he definitely shows signs of strong Te.

    What makes me think Fe>Fi for Jaina is that she was able to sacrifice her own father in order to avoid war between the orcs and theramore. I don't think an Fi dom would be able to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffy View Post
    It's been a while so memory is hazy.

    This does sound like dominant Te.

    Ah, you said you didn't see Si. IMO, this is Si<->Ne dichotomy: stability over the unknown [possibilities].

    Nope. Sera fears deprivation [nothingness] because she's a glutton: freedom, autonomy, the ability to experience new and wonderful things ~ viva la revolucion! She doesn't play nice with people because that would require compromise and abiding by spoken and unspoken rules of the game - antithesis to freedom. There's also an aversion to sadness and reflection (giving the past some thought), hence her fear of the fade - the realm & spirits representing the past, reflection, introspection. Cassandra fears helplessness because of her sense of duty [superego], strong expectations set for herself.

    They are both similar in that both have a strong sense of autonomy and both are tied to one another in terms of health and growth. Sera can use the discipline and focus and grand sense of duty [vision] for what she wants, rather than participating in petty revenge schemes, akin to spray painting graffiti on a building and calling it revolution (weak Te). Cassandra can use a bit of spontaneity and indulgence so as to lower her blood pressure and live to a decent age. I think Cassandra's tarot card (romance variant) symbolizes her path to growth - spilling of the chalice representing caution to the wind, passion & excess.
    She could be. I thought she was too willing to play the game to be TJ. Her attention to affiliations and unspoken social dynamics, while representative of her work, is too tedious for TJs.
    Ah I see. It has been a little while since I played too. You have a different idea of what Sera's fears and motivations were. I thought Sera feared the fade because she can't stand anything out of the ordinary. Her reason for joining the inquisition was to restore Thedas back to normal and help the lower class people. She was probably the most grounded member of the inquisition, compared to Ne types like Varric or Dorian, who purposefully aim for change (don't know if you played trespasser). Her occupations are more similar to the Iron Bull. It doesn't seem like Ne valuing IMO.
    "Those who do not move, do not notice their chains"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffy View Post


    Why ESxP for Cassandra?
    I already mentioned to wolfnara that I used socionics IMEs as a guide more than JCF definitions. Because I like them more.

    Cassandra states that one of the biggest challenges she's had with the Inquisition is learning to think before she acts. She doesn't understand why Josephine prefers the indirect and seemingly passive route to solving problems. She sees what needs to be done and does it without necessarily considering the far reaching consequences of her actions. After her personal quest with the missing Seekers, she takes up writing to chronicle the events of the Inquisition because she's seen with her own eyes the problems that come from steering forward without knowing the events that brought the present and understanding their consequences. Based on my understanding of the IMES, this suggest she is values both Se and Ni, is characterized by the former, and tries but struggles to actualize the latter.

    I don't especially favor ESTP over ESFP but my impression was that she prioritized making sense of the impersonal forces of the world over her personal relationships to them. With trust, she admit her insecurities over whether her actions and intentions are well-guided. That lack of conviction and difficulty trusting her own feelings made me doubt Fi ego. That's my interpretation of her personality anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfnara View Post
    I have a question too actually. Why do people see Fe in Leliana? I assumed she was a TJ because of her resourcefulness. Just curious, you don't have to answer that.
    She is resourceful but I would argue that her resourcefulness comes from knowing what and how much to show people to cultivate the responses she wants. It doesn't seem like the "fostering unity" typically associated with Fe, but it actually kind of is. She's just moving others closer to her so she doesn't have to go as far herself. And she's good at making it seem otherwise.
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    Samus- ISTP
    Link- ISFP
    Mario- ESTP
    Zelda- INFJ

    The Researcher

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    Assassins from Assassin's Creed:

    Desmond Miles-ESTP
    Altair Ibn-la Ahad-ISTP
    Ezio Auditore-ESFP
    Connor Kenway-ISFJ
    Haytham Kenway-ISTJ
    Edward Kenway-ESTP
    "You get killed... walk it off."- Captain America

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    Could Desmond be an ISFP?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    I thought Wheatlies 'reconstructioned tests' scream ENTP. You know the part in the game where the walls and everything just get chrushed together into different kinds of tests? And his humor is also so ENTP-like.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hive View Post
    But he wasn't really a designer, he just used what GLaDOS already had created. I could possibly see ENTP, just that he seemed so compliant with too much Fe. Also I thought his programmed inability to come up with good plans could be an inferior thinking-function or something. Tries to use it but fails horribly.
    Lol Wheatley.

    His bad level design may have even been attributed to poor Ne: Ingenuity, originality, and the ability to grasp the "essence" of the level design just went out the window for him. Though it may have been a different issue related to another function weakness, I don't remember. I'll have to go back one of these days and review.

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    Link is gonna always be an incredibly difficult character to type (due to not having any intrinsic personality), but if there's one thing he isn't, it's an introvert. He is a portal that enables us to explore an external world.

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    Legend of Zelda (random - discounting wind waker since I never tried it)

    Link: ISFP - ISTP
    Zelda: INFJ
    Fairy: INFP
    Skull Kid: ENFP
    Poe Salesman: INTP
    Happy Mask Salesman: bipolar ENTP
    Midna: INTJ
    Ganon: ENTJ
    Ruto: ENFJ
    Zant: some think INTP but .. not sure if I see that
    "A life that lives without doing anything is the same as a slow death." - Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral (Rational Neutral - Rebel Neutral)

    Eclectic Oddball, that I am

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