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    Default EQ, IQ and PQ help needed!

    Hi, just found the site trawling for information - love so many of the threads that I decided to join.

    And straightaway I'm after help!! I am writing a piece to say success in business comes where managers have a combination of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Intelligence (IQ) and a real in depth understanding of processes (PQ). Meaning that a manager needs to apply intelligence to process issues and to take the people with him/her.

    To illustrate my point I wanted to identify people from popular culture who had 1,2 or 3 elements of these three aspects. So, for example, I was thinking that Gregory House obviously had a high IQ, was good on processes (see the structured brainstorming on the flip chart etc) and although he knew how people would react didn't really have EQ (and needed Wilson in that area)

    Do you have any other suggestions of types who are strong in some areas and weak in others?

    Thank you

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    House does have good EQ.

    Just doesn't know how to react to them/ the emotions.

    oh and Hi by the way.

    this must be your 1st post.
    this is your 1st post

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    Since we are on this topic what do people think about the idea

    CQ + PQ > IQ or Curiosity Quotient plus Passion Quotient is greater than Intelligence Quotient
    To me it makes intelligence quotient sound static within a person. If this is the case it supports the fact that someone who tries harder can surpass someone with a higher intelligence. In that scenario did house use his IQ to focus more on PQ as opposed to EQ? And could house be a T which would lead to a him having a higher PQ than EQ?

    I dont watch much TV.

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    Default Thanks Curzon and Poki - what about Forrest?

    Excellent points re House and Curiosity and Passion - thanks - any other types from popular culture who stand out on the EQ,IQ PQ front - what are your thoughts about Forrest Gump?

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