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Thread: Disturbia

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    Default Disturbia

    Kale - ISTP
    Ashley - ENTP
    Mr. Turner - INTJ
    Ronnie - INFP

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    Ashley-also EXTP
    Mr. Turner-XSTJ

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    Wow. What a weird bump thread.

    I saw this movie once a year or two back. Like an unofficial (not as good) remake of Rear Window. I remember almost nothing about it. Let me try and remember who the characters are anyways.

    Kale- The lead/Shia LeBeouf. I only know this because he's the first listed in every post. Shia can only play people pretty similar to himself on account of not being a very good actor. He's an SP for sure. The I and E could really split either way. He's a P cause he's a real casual every man. But he's a bad boy sort of criminal-y guy? Probably I there. My guess is ISTP.

    Ashley- Obligatory love interest. This is a movie starring Shia LeBeouf, so her type is stereotypically hot, both reliable and helpless depending on what the plot demands and unrealistically willing to date main character after only a few hours. She's E because she's aggressively into the guy like a hot male fantasy oughta be. Also P: She wouldn't be the one in charge of the relationship. F is likely if the movie has any friction between the leads, as this trophy would be over-emotional about something. And S, it's gotta be some small thing. So ESFP it is.

    Ronnie- I think this was that crazy Asian kid. Anyways, best friend. Comic relief. ESxP is traditional funny best friend territory because of how crazy and goofy and off the cuff they are! They can even be dumb sometimes! Like an ESxP but an especially crazy, dumb one. I can't recall, but I assume a lot of of his dialogue is over-supportive stuff about how protagonist needs to get with love interest. ESxP. Probably ESTP.

    Mr. Turner- I assume this is David Morse (I remember being disappointed he was in this, cause I like him) as Mr. Killer McKillerson. Introvert, obviously, because it's untrustworthy. N or S is unclear, could be written both ways, but the killer in bad movies tends to be resolutely dealing with the protagonist instead of getting his high off the thrill, which implies N, and N allows for a bullshit speech or talk about "why this needed to be done" or "you just don't see the big picture". T, because an F killer needs more explanation than "he's just a general sociopath!" and the writer couldn't be bothered. J, cause again P killers aren't the stereotype. Js are the ones who take care of things.
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