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Thread: Charles Darwin?

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    I've never met the guy, but making observations about the world around you (Se) and seeing patterns in those observations (Ni), and then synthesizing them into something that makes sense (Ti) is classic ISTP. I could see INTP or INxJ maybe, but the patterns he figured out seem more Ni-oriented than Ne-oriented, and everything I've read about his personality (admittedly not much) fits better with a Ti than a Te mindset.

    I think there are a lot of ISTPs in biology, actually. It fits in well with our preferred functions and is more directly connected to real life than many other areas of science (speaking as a grad student in biology)

    edit: he could be a Si-heavy INTP though, I suppose. That can sometimes resemble ISTP.
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    All I know is that he uses Ni. Ni goes deeper and deeper into an idea, adding more details as it discovers more. Seems to fit him well.

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    INTJ or ISTP 5w6 sx/sp.

    As you mentioned @RaptorWizard, he chose a science where the scene was already evident - he just had to connect the dots. I view INTP's more forcing the dots into place, though people aren't always caricatures of type.

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    or ESFP

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