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    Default goddamned difficult music typings

    bjork isfp? infj? enfj? she makes me think of thom yorke? enfj? yoko?
    feist infj? isfp? infp? what is kevin drew? is he in fact an infp?
    ani difranco enfj? enfp?
    iggy intj?
    billy corgan enfj?
    marilyn manson enfj?
    john lennon entp?
    leonard cohen infj or enfj? infj or enfj?
    jack white people said infj, then istp?
    michael stipe infj? intp? why so sad and dreary, michael?
    stuart murdoch enfj? istj like sting? his eyes make me think infj or sting?
    george harrison isfj? infj? definite Fe not Fi?
    tori amos? enfp, no she's introverted? infp, probably? infj, possibly?
    cat stevens enfj? infj? i can't hear the wind when you speak so quietly, cat?
    wayne coyne and trey anastasio enfp? entp? 4w3? 7w8?

    and then the enneagram stuff. are these enfjs enneagram 4s? is billy corgan a 4w5? or a 5w4? he seems so authoritative at times when he speaks. do enfjs have language more ready-at-hand than infjs, jarvis, leonard cohen, etc. wheres marilyn manson, ani difranco, jonathan richman, etc. elvis costello as enfj?

    i want to work on these typings in this thread including enneagram typings. a huge mistake in previous work was thinking all e4s were infps. even intps and intjs can be 4s (so i'm told!). what is ben gibbard and ben folds, for chrissakes? beck too? really intps? what enneagram, 4?

    and fine then, once and for all, is bob dylan an isfp or infj? isfp, no? 4w5? tom waits as a 5w4 isfp? what? WHAT? that makes my head spin. david byrne is a 5. infj? tom waits a 4w5? nick cave a 4w5? hmmmmm?

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    Yoko ENFJ
    Lennon ENTP or ENFP (weak E though)
    Ani ENFP
    Dylan INFJ fo sho
    Harrison IxFJ (not much Fe that I can see though)

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    Just my opinions...

    bjork - ISFP
    iggy - SP, maybe ESFP (really! )
    billy corgan - an unhealthy NF (but he's too open about his feelings to be xNFJ or INFP, so by default, ENFP?)
    marilyn manson - ENTJ (not passionate enough to be NF)
    john lennon - ENFP
    jack white - ISFJ (really! ). His music style is so nostalgic, and he seems very friendly & gentle in interviews. He's also very private, which ISFJs can be. I see Si Fe.
    michael stipe - INFJ
    tori amos - eNFP
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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