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paul: xSTJ, leaning towards E.

but substitude: you know the deal about paul in one letter saying something to the extent that only jews (ie israel) can be saved and then in another letter to a gentile congregation says that any race can be saved, effectively subordinating the doctrine of israel's salvation (and its exclusivity) to whatever audience he happens to be writing to? what would that be indicative of in terms of MBTI?
I dunno about in terms of MBTI, but in normal, everyday terms, it seems to be just someone realising they got it wrong and correcting themselves! Or in theological terms, he took his time to realise the full extent and meaning of what Jesus came to do, and half of what he was doing was built on things he was realising as he went along. But it really is gonna be difficult to talk in any more depth about this without running into possible theological debate territory and... ugh, I just don't wanna go there!!

By the way, it's cute the way you always put a d in my nickname