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    Quote Originally Posted by cascademn View Post
    Just to address this comment -- I can, and do, emulate extroversion in certain settings.
    I myself do the same. As I wrote, what I don't know is whether it is decidedly common among INXJs to appear E.

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    Default Coaster rant

    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post

    I agree (in this thread, anyway ) that the coasters thing does not exclude ENFP. My SO's major pet peeve is smoking. Smoke in his presence and he becomes a study in cognitive dissonance: As a smoker you are part of a group of people that he hates with a passion - but he still likes you, of course.

    And an ENFP on coasters: I'm always chasing people with them. It can become my sole focus of attention. I'll be desperately trying to listen to what people are saying, but in reality I'm watching their glass and trying to get a coaster underneath it. If it's people I know well, I'll continually move their glass without thinking about it. And they'll move it back to a more convenient location. And I'll move it back...sometimes I can't bear it and just slap coasters under all the glasses and move the glasses that are placed in a wrong way onto them anyway. People bloody well need to learn how to use the damn things.

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    Yeah, to continue with the end of my post....If she were actually an I, I think by now her 'I' sides/tendencies would have shown up. At least for me...I can't 'appear' Extroverted for a very long time...eventually my introverted nature shines through. I couldn't put on a charade for very long, before beginning to feel that I was being 'fake', and since I hate being fake, that would be the end of that.

    An interesting theory though.

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    I can appear very extraverted- especially when in an "acting" setting. Anything to do with entertainment and I am a different person- I turn the performer button on and stay that way-while all the while it is draining me like crazy.

    Most people mistake me for an extrovert- I enjoy certain socializing times but all of them drains me and can make me anxious. Even the best time is still draining and I need days alone to recoop. I have a lot of more energy then the average introvert as well.

    Being interviewed is different then a regular social setting. I don't even know how to explain it. It just is.

    I think TLL might be on to something.

    A strength that an INFJ actor has is being incredible at mimicking and imitating another person. Becoming another person- but a person the actor has seen in action or has met. If you asked me to come up with a new character completely all by myself- it would be hard- I would end up imitating someone I already knew. INFP actors can make up from scratch a character wonderfully- but an INFJ is better suited for a biography/imitating piece.

    RW seems to have this strength- not saying any other type couldn't be good at it- but that it comes easier and more naturally for INFJ's.

    You never hear of RW going to bars and clubs and parties. She seems to just love to be with her family and has made family a huge priority. She doesn't prostitute herself for publicity either. She seems very low key- out of sight- and private really when you think about it.

    The only time she was in the tabloids was when word got out about her divorce with Ryan Phillipe.

    What we could really use is a lot of interviews of other people talking about RW. Working with her- living with her-directing her.

    She seems actually like a homebody to me-when not working of course- which is an I trait to me.

    Here is a quote I found interesting.

    A self-identified Southerner who has credited her family with fomenting her imagination and love for storytelling and privacy, she has said that her parental philosophy has roots in her upbringing. "We weren't the kind of children that were shadowed. We didn't have nannies. We didn't have housekeepers. This whole L.A. culture is so foreign to me, because when I was growing up you wouldn't watch your children every moment. I'm always confused when people bring their children over and then want to sit with them while they play. I think part of the joy of being a child is privacy. Your fantasies and dreams are so important to you at that moment."[16]

    That just sounds like something a fellow introvert would understand and be sensitive to with their children.
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    INFJ would be my 2nd vote, behind INTJ. (still. yes, still. i believe she dreamt up her life, went out to get it, and is exercising the previously-mentioned southern values, etc. as the system to achieve her goals.)

    and yes, i'm another INTJ who appears extremely extroverted when i'm actively socializing. it's just how little i do it that makes me an introvert.
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