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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    "Vibes" don't count!
    Oh, I know. Take it with a grain of salt, dear... Mostly as "possibilities not to overlook."

    (I don't have time to do the serious personality research on these people that I'd need to in order to present a concrete case, so I'm afraid this is the most you'll get from me nowadays...)
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    You guys have no idea how this silly discussion has consumed my husband!

    Everyone here is wrong wrong wrong!
    RW is an alien and goes by different personality rules because she is not human. I repeat RW is from the planet Wokichakidoki and is here to collect as many oscars as she can as they are secret space travel warp drive supplementers.

    She can take on many forms and is designed to be perceived as whatever people want her to be with the exception of ENTP's who are the most objective and see what her true Human form type is but is still wrong because her true type is whatever her alien type is and we currently do not have the knowledge and technology to discern such a conundrum.

    Why doesn't her people just steal all the oscars you ask? Well simple- they have an honor code system much like vampires do in never going into someone's home without first being invited in- so as this type of alien won't take an oscar without first earning it.
    Marissa Tomei is an alien as well- but her people doesn't care about "earning" as they are about getting an oscar without desvering to- it gives them sick pleasure. They are not above paying off judges or using extortion to get their oscars.

    I have said too much.

    So alas good people- trying to type an alien is simply a waste of time and you are all wrong.

    Thank you, that is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ladypinkington View Post
    RW is an alien and goes by different personality rules because she is not human. (...) trying to type an alien is simply as waste of time
    You have no idea how close to my own conclusion that is.

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    In the past, she has made much of her debutante background, of how her conservative Southern values, perfect propriety, immaculate manners, mono-grammed napkins, thank-you notes and neat drawers set her apart from many Hollywood stars.
    suggests J.
    Google Image Result for
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    OK - that last post convinced me. ESFJ, like my sister. The drama queen of the SJs.

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    This is an interesting article. A couple other things caught my attention.

    Witherspoon acknowledges that she has always been incredibly driven, and has felt a deep need to prove herself to other people.
    This seems to describe an NJ to me. I've said ENP's can appear driven, but they don't appear this way when young. Being P's it takes them longer to realize a vision. Here is another thing that caught my attention:

    As a child, I made great grades in school and had some friends – not a lot of friends, but a significant number
    Somehow this doesn't quite fit with our earlier ENF typing. Aren't ENF's considered the type that can most easily make friends? It could be nothing, but when you put all the details that we've said about her together there is only one type that fits all of them.

    -Puts a high conviction on her values which is typical of NF's.
    -Can be very neat and particular like a J. (Must use coasters, immactulate manners, neat drawers, etc...)
    -"Appears" to be an extravert
    -Has a keen awareness of people like someone who has perception as a dominant function.
    -Independant, and gives children more independence than a typical ENFJ.
    -Driven even from an early age. (A trait which describes NJ's).
    -Has great social skills and knows how to work a room.
    -While growing up she had some friends but not a lot.
    -Notoriously hard to type.

    There is only one type that possesses all of these characteristics: INFJ. But you are thinking, "How can she be an I when she clearly looks like an E?" It's very common for INxJ's to appear as extraverts. This is one reason that INFJ's are notoriously hard to type. To many people they appear as ESFJ or ESFP.

    Also when you consider the INFJ type, we were all right and all wrong at the same time. Proteinmix said ENFJ, and was only off on E/I (which is very easy to do on an INxJ). Usehername said INTJ and was only off on T/F. I said ENFP, so I only had NF right, but I thought she was a dominant perceiver. And to everyone who said ESFJ, well INFJ's are often mistyped as ESFJ. It's like we all saw a different aspect of her, but we couldn't put all of our ideas together in a way that made sense. Now after putting all of our ideas together I believe she is an INFJ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    Now after putting all of our ideas together I believe she is an INFJ.
    Are you serious?

    But you are thinking, "How can she be an I when she clearly looks like an E?" It's very common for INxJ's to appear as extraverts.
    I agree (well, I don't know if it's common, but I do know it's possible), but RW as an introvert emulating extroversion? I don't believe it will have to mull that one over.

    Haha, it's proteanmix! Makes a big difference:

    1. Readily taking on varied shapes, forms, or meanings.
    2. Exhibiting considerable variety or diversity
    ... Very ENFJ.

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    TLL, you're great seriously Now RW has gone from ENFP to INFJ?? You've completely bypassed the ENFJ AND the ESFJ reading most people are giving? ESFJs and ENFJs share the same dominant function. I've never confused an INFJ for an ESFJ. It's more confusing distinguishing ENFJ/ESFJ, not ESFJ/INFJ.

    You really don't want her to be an ENFJ don't cha?? Can you name any celebrities (besides Oprah) who you think is ENFJ so we can compare?
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    People people! You are missing the most important part of dear Reese!

    After just watching 2 recent movies in which she stars, I can say for a fact that she is enfp. It's all about the eyes baby! Nobody's eyes sparkle like an enfp's and her's dazzle, not quite as pretty as mine but close enough! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    but RW as an introvert emulating extroversion? I don't believe it will have to mull that one over.
    Just to address this comment -- I can, and do, emulate extroversion in certain settings.

    I got a job once (which I ultimately hated) because I really believe I came across as ESFJ, which is the type of person the company wanted. I was silly, and just wanted the job, so I turned my extroversion 'On', and pretended to be someone much more vivacious than I really am. So in interviews, I can definitely appear E, although it takes a lot of focus for me to be able to do that. And in college, there were some social events where I totally had to become ESFJ. I won't go into the details of why, but there you have it. :-)

    Just thought I'd add that. As for Reese....INFJ? I dunno. I highly doubt she'd be able to appear that extroverted, so consistently over the years, if she were actually an INFJ. So, I still tend to think she's an E.

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