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    Yep, and after watching the entirety of season 5 last night I got the following reads...

    Silas ISFP

    Shane ENTP (there's NO way he can be an F after some of the things he says and does this his comment about "who's the better jogger now?" regarding his dead father, and the way Silas is clearly disturbed by it but doesn't say anything.)

    Esteban ENTJ

    Pilar ENTJ

    Guillermo ESTP

    Jill ESFJ

    Andy ESFP

    Doug ridiculously ESFP

    Dean ISFJ

    Celia ESTJ (NOT ESTP...look at her micromanaging with Rudalfo)

    Celia's lesbian boss at the cosmetics company ESTP (look at her fixation with showing off her material wealth)

    Quinn ENTJ

    Isabelle INTP

    Rudolfo ISFP

    Cesar ISTJ

    Ignacio ESTP

    Audra ENTP (on a side note Alanis Morissette did an awesome job with this role)

    Gale (Audra's crazy pro-life stalker) INFJ

    Esteban's daughter (forget her name) INTJ

    Sucio ISTP

    DEA agent guy who kills Sucio for revenge ENTJ? (Not quite sure here, ENFJ is possible.)
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    Nancy is ESTP.

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