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    Default JUSTIN LONG (and cast of Waiting)

    I looked and I can't believe I couldn't find anything on Justin Long. What's the actual actor's personality type?
    Cast of Waiting:

    Ryan Reynolds ... Monty

    Anna Faris ... Serena

    Justin Long ... Dean

    David Koechner ... Dan

    Luis Guzmán ... Raddimus

    Chi McBride ... Bishop

    John Francis Daley ... Mitch

    Kaitlin Doubleday ... Amy

    Rob Benedict ... Calvin (as Robert Patrick Benedict)

    Alanna Ubach ... Naomi

    Vanessa Lengies ... Natasha
    Max Kasch ... T-Dog
    Andy Milonakis ... Nick

    Dane Cook ... Floyd

    Painfully Bipolar

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    Justin Long ESFP(?)
    Luis Guzman ESFJ(?)
    Dane Cook ENTP(?)

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