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    @Sgt. Pepper

    He seems like he's tapping into Fi during those intimate moments. When he's at his very worst, he becomes melancholy, self-pitying and overly romantic in a very "you're the only person in the world who understands me" type of way where he practically disregards the actual feelings of the other person.

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    Hm, I never thought about Pete as an Fi user. He just seems so Fe to me, the way he successfully schmoozes his clients in a not so sincere way. Anytime he seems to 'feel' anything, it seems to be projected. When something terrible happens, he reads the room and knows what face to put on to suit the situation best. He sympathizes, but never really seems to empathize.

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    Joey forgotten season 4 douchebag): ENTP 7w8 - 3w4 - 1w? So/Sx

    Joan's Ex Husband: ESTP 6w5 - 3w2 - 8w9 So/Sp

    Henry Francis: ISTJ 3w4 - ?w? - 1w9 Sp/So

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    I think I'm finally getting a hang of the stackings:

    Don: Sp/Sx

    Pete: So/Sp

    Bert: Sp/Sx

    Roger: Sx/So

    Joan: Sp/Sx or Sx/Sp

    Betty: Sp/Sx

    Megan: Sx/Sp; she's always trying to include people in her relationship with Don which is strange for an Sx-first (perhaps it's Fe-Dom + 2w3), but her general demeanor is very Sx/Sp.

    Sal: Sp/So

    Lane: Sp/So

    Peggy: Sp/So or So/Sp

    Ken: So/Sx or So/Sp

    Harry: Sp/So in early seasons, So/Sx in latter seasons

    Stan: Sx/So

    Ginsberg: So/Sx

    Sally: Sp/Sx or Sp/So

    Kinsey: So/Sp

    Bob Benson: So/Sx

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    I think this show is magnificent!

    Don Draper: ISFP
    Peggy Olson: INTJ
    Pete Campbell: ESFP
    Betty Draper: ISFJ
    Joan Harris: ESFJ
    Ken Cosgrove: ENFP
    Roger Sterling: ESTP
    Sally Draper: ENFP
    Bertram Cooper: INTJ
    Salvatore Romano: INFJ
    Paul Kinsey: ENTP
    Trudy Campbell: ISFJ
    Lane Pryce: ISTJ
    Harry Crane: ISTJ

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    I would say

    Don Draper - ISTP, mostly due to dynamic and contrast with Megan, and also E seems to be a hat he puts on vs him actually being an extrovert. Though @Wind Up Rex has a compelling case for ENTJ; I just think ISTP would more naturally pair with Megan's type. Regardless, I think he's T-dom, and most definitely an Se user.
    Peggy Olson -IxFJ
    Pete Campbell - ENTP probably, though I have doubts (contrast with Kinsey). ExxP for sure though I think
    Betty Draper - tough one. I really really lean towards ISTJ, even though I know popular opinion is ISFx. I don't think she's an Fe user at all though, so ISFP would be my second guess.
    Joan Harris - ENFJ seems likely, though possibly ESFP
    Ken Cosgrove - ? I think an Fe user, that's all I've got
    Roger Sterling - ESTP
    Bertram Cooper - INxJ
    Salvatore Romano - Leaning towards INFJ? Is probably an introvert
    Paul Kinsey - ENTP
    Trudy Campbell - ESFJ
    Harry Crane - I think ISTJ
    Megan - ENFx, I can't decide
    Layne - ISFJ
    Ginsberg - ENFP
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    I just started watching this not long ago... I think I am in season 3 now (or end of season 2). Yeah, I am super late to the party, but that is how I watch TV (which is unusual for me to do at all).
    Honestly, some of these typings are awful!

    Don Draper - INTJ, 6w5??
    Cracks are made on the show about he seems to just be sitting there & thinking half the time. He is a future-focused, idea person, often coming up with a conceptual solution after much meditation. Obvious TJ...he has strong principles and a personal code of ethics (tert Fi) but ultimately goes with what is pragmatic. Lots of inferior Se issues...hedonism he is somewhat ashamed of and tries to hide. His ego is of a controlled person, but his reality is not. He seems most focused on underlying concepts that make up reality - that is why his advertising ideas taps into human psychology, with less focus on anything gimmicky or splashy. He is not an e5 INTJ....I am thinking e6 now, after considering e3, because he has trouble establishing any real loyalty towards others, is ambivalent about his own feelings, and seems very mistrusting in general. He seems to establish his family as a part of security-seeking, not for status. 3s tend to be more extroverted and their ambivalence is about the role they are filling (if it is really who they are or fulfilling for them?), not so much about their relationships. He seems less concerned with his own competency (1,3,5) than having trust issues.

    Roger Sterling - ESTP e7w8
    A hedonist who likes to be in the moment & experience & indulge in sensual stuff. His feeling doesn't go much beyond establishing quick rapport with people (tert Fe). He doesn't really have any values, but instead likes to have impact on how things happen & to jump on opportunities as they arise (Se). He is less of an idea person than a make-it-happen person. He is generally cheerful and pretty accepting of things as they are, unless he sees very concrete, immediate opportunity for change.

    Pete Campbell - ESTJ e3w2
    He shows a lot of inferior Fi. He gets upset when people do things out-of-line with his concept of how stuff works, ie, when Don gets away with things that seem to break rules (Te). He is not pleased to be seen as a gregarious, client-charming person, because his ego is set on being someone who leads and controls. He is focused on objective standards and indicators of success, despite how he may really feel, which he often stuffs down to get stuff done (ie his dad dying). He fancies himself an idea person (tertiary Ne), but it's not truly his strong-suit. I see why some guessed ESFP for him, but his Fi is not that strong and he doesn't show much Se at all.

    Peggy Olsen - INFP e9w1
    She is gentle and meek and socially awkward, but surprisingly has a lot of backbone for what is important to her. She is not traditional at core but not openly rebellious (she quietly does her own thing), and she is an idea person with a way with words and who understands how people truly feel (not how they SHOULD feel or be). I could see her mistaken for ISFJ, but she doesn't really show Fe at all; she is just deceptively sweet in her demeanor. She seems to have a pretty strong sense of who she is at core.

    Joan - ESFJ 3w2
    This I am less sure of....I went back and forth with this and ESxP, considering ESTP more than ESFP. I see Fe, but perhaps Se more than Si. I get the impression her character gets more attention in later seasons, so I will hold off on a final type. She has the queen bee thing going on, but I also question if she is truly a Feeling type. She doesn't seem people-focused so much as intent on influencing her environment for the sake of power and influence, which strikes me as more Se than Fe. But I think she may fit ESFJ prototypes better in general. She doesn't seem driven by any personal value system at all, but meeting certain external ideals. I get the impression she didn't know what she really wanted until she got what she thought she wanted & it wasn't it - more typical Fe.

    Betty - ISFJ e6w5
    Super obvious, almost prototypical, except for what I think is a 5 wing. The Fe is in her focus on what is appropriate and what meets external standards of value; the impression is given that she was more exuberant and expressive when she met Don. She is depressed and seems very Si-Ti at times. She doesn't really know who she is or what she wants, just what her mother told her she should be and what is expected of her as a woman now that she's marries (no Fi).

    other characters:
    Trudy Campbell - ESFJ 2w3
    Sal Romano - ENFJ 2w3
    Paul Kinsey - ENFP 7w6
    Ken Cosgrove - ENFP 7w6 (maybe ENTP)
    Bertram Cooper - INxJ, although seems Ne sometimes (INTP?)...the love of Ayn Rand and finickiness about shoes says NJ to me though
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    I agree that Don is an xNTJ, probably INTJ. I just watched the episode where Betty's dad tries to give Bobby the helmet of a Prussian soldier he killed, with the man's blood inside it. Don tells Bobby to give it back: "There was a person in that helmet." [Gene: "An enemy."] "Bobby, it's a dead man's hat. Take it off." Obviously, an Fe user might have responded the same way, but the moment still struck me as very Fi. I've thought xSTP was possible for him because he so clearly favors thinking and Se over Si...but he's not like any ESTP I know, and more obviously complex than any ISTP I know.

    as for enneagram, I see him as a self-pres 8. if he's not a gut type, no one is. see this description. "Moving about in the world, 8s are mainly unconscious thinkers. They’re instinctively counterphobic, as compared to E6’s more conscious counterphobia. Thinking about oneself and one’s worries is largely in the subconscious, or perhaps is the work of the reptilian/mammalian brain in 8s. Compared to the other types, their fears are generated less by conscious thought; fears here are mostly instinctual, less susceptible to influence by rational deliberation." if Jon Hamm isn't an 8, then he really is an incredible actor.

    I don't know if the character of Joan is well-developed or well-acted enough to have a consistent type. at least in Myers-Briggs. I think Hendrix suited this role well in large part because she is a 2 or 3.

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