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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    Definitely. I wrote my dissertation about him and he is a textbook ESTP. Very Se focussed (loved gossip and the good life and an incredible amount of womanizing and absolutely no qualms about it), very charismatic and pragmatic, had a certain indestructible vibe about him (he was very ill and almost constantly in pain all of his life but still had the determination and charisma to become the icon JFK), brilliant at dealing with emergencies but did not have enough vision/a moral compass to avoid them from happening in the first place. His lack of moral vision was his Achilles Heel and biggest weakness (see the Bay of Pigs disaster or the Cuba Crisis, with which he dealt brilliantly but which he created in the first place by provoking Fidel Castro and being unable to take his enemy's point of view into consideration at all)

    I am not so sure about Jackie's type, maybe ISFP. One thing that comes to mind is that she was a style icon and also an incredible interior designer but not sure that is enough to make a case for an ISFP.
    I think INFJ for Jackie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-up Rex View Post
    ENTJ presidents would be Woodrow Wilson or Roosevelt II
    It's offtopic, so an answer is there.

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