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    Default The Venture Brothers

    One of my favorite TV shows that's still airing new episodes (incidentally, new episodes should begin airing in November). It centers primarily around the (mis)adventures of brothers Hank and Dean; their ex-boy adventurer, super scientist father Dr. Venture; and the family bodygaurd, Brock Samson. It features plenty of recurring characters, as well.

    Hank: ESXP
    Dean: IXFP
    Dr. Venture: INTP
    Brock: ISTP
    The Monarch: ????
    Dr. Girlfriend: EXFJ
    Orpheus: ENFX

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    Monarch = ENTP ?
    And Brock as ISTP sounds pretty good. (I'm not so familiar with the rest.)
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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