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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    lol, so you're saying milk is ESFP? I guess.
    I said enfp :P

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    Milk is an ENFJ.

    He uses dominant Fe to unite people in a social cause that he fundamentally believes in, and he fundamentally believes in not only because he's gay but because it increases social unity. He is not easily offended and belligerent towards those that don't agree with his cause (something an NFP would do). Instead, he uses aux Ni to help them see things from his perspective and have them unite with him.

    Think about how he deals with Dan? He tries to see things from Dan's perspective and work with that perspective to get Dan on his side.

    Harvey Milk fundamentally understands social dynamics, and this understanding is the way he makes any progress in his movement.

    Not to mention that he's just way too organized and focused to ever be an NP (and ENFP is the only other mildly believable type for him)...

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