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    Default Edward de Bono

    I've been reading one of his books, de Bono's Thinking Course, and couldn't help but conclude that he must be an INTJ. The concept of Lateral Thinking (his own term) seems to be Ni: shifting patterns/perspectives. The Te shows up in how business-oriented his examples are and the ways he suggests making decisions (i.e. a Matrix Method). Anyone else read some of his books? Here's a clip:

    YouTube - Edward de Bono on creative thinking

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    *nods* I've read some of his books in the past and INTJ is a good fit. Certainly provocation he mentioned in the clip (actually a concept/tool he brings up in many of his books) is Ni in action. Examining the idea from a different and "provocative" angle and to see where it brings you... so that you don't know your own conclusions until you expressed your thoughts. I find that I do that a lot... and I attribute it to pure Ni.
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    INTJ seems to fit from the books I've read. Though I don't know much about his personal life. I have quite a few of his books though.

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