Mr. Toad - ESFP

he's lively, entertaining, and good natured, but is impulsive, sometimes conceited but admits wrongs sincerely when confronted, is always getting into scrapes

River Rat - ESFJ

generous and good host, warm, practically allows Mole to move into his home upon meeting him, sensitive but extremely aware of social rules, propriety, and "correct" ways of speaking, is passionately concerned with "mending Toad's ways"

Mole - IxFP

he strikes me as a text book INFP in many ways, but is he N enough? is he actually an ISFP?

Badger - INTJ

the wisest and most intellectual of the bunch, speaks Latin, "father knows best type of mentality" but doesn't go out of his way to interfere - must be summoned by the other animals to help, relatively reclusive, actually tells Rat to back off of Toad a little at the end of the book