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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    It seems like she imagines people are always judging her and she's defensively contemptuous of people in response and not wanting to deal with them because she's afraid of being judged as saying or doing the wrong thing. If that's not some form of social anxiety, I don't know what is.
    Fair enough, but that still doesn't mean she's extroverted. If she is socially anxious, then she reminds me even more of an ISFJ that I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    It helps when the people are real people and not fictional characters designed for a sitcom about nothing, wouldn't you say?

    Come to think of it, Seinfeld is particularly tough because the characters are all just SO absurd.

    There's no consensus on this at all, apparently.
    Fictional characters are the easier to type.
    the better the story the better the character.
    better the character the more defined he/she becomes.

    take any good film or drama, the characters decisions are based on the character's personality.
    and in fiction Personality never changer.
    it rarely does.
    except in Heathcliff. (note that i have never read Wuthering Heights but have heard about the character)

    isn't it obvious, when we watch any drama or film we pretty much fall in love with the character.
    this is the reason why spider man is so loved(lovable)
    he has the coolest powers, but has the worst life a guy with power like that could ever have + he refuses to use them to kick ass because of idealistic reasons.
    this happens again and again and again.
    and the viewer is left to imagine why why why why why?:steam:
    why does he not kick some ass and use his powers to get his Personal life on top.:steam:

    so why does he refuse to use his powers?
    his personality.
    and it never changes, thus he never uses his powers.
    (it should be noted that i did notice that in the 3rd film he did change for about 10 minutes. but he also came bak to being peter packer/the good guy after realizing what he did was wrong. again due to his personality)

    But in real life we all know we change like hell.
    one minute i am a this the next i am that.

    fictional type - easy to type
    real life - hard to type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahNounBlah View Post
    What about people who have an energy display with others that varies? Depending on when others see me, I could be typed as an E or mistyped as an I.
    yes but not for long isn't it?
    you dont appear to be an I (lower energy) for that long do you?
    and your case is same with me.
    i sometimes act like an 'I'
    most people do think i am an i (people who hasnt spoken to me much/ people i ignore)

    in fact at first when i get to know someone i act all calm and I ish.
    but once i get to know them and feel comfortable around them i act normal.
    which is not that normal to people who see me.

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    Agree that Kramer's an ENTP. I personally love his cool ideas.

    Jerry seems like an ISTJ to me, he does observational comedy, and usually an S would be the one who notices all the things going around in his environment, am i right? He is an independent person (he likes giving his parents a treat [bought his dad a Cadillac], and in one of the episodes his dad offered to lend Jerry his car, but Jerry refused because he just didn't want to trouble his dad) is a neat freak, and indeed is a self structured person.

    For Elaine, I don't see her being an I, because she is always with her friends. She is an S because she's not the kind of person who looks for a deeper meaning in things, 'reads between the lines' or have very unusual or innovative ideas. Since she can get along as one of the guys, we can say that she is a T. She has none/little of those emotional outbursts, she is opinionated, and is not afriad to say what she thinks. And she is not the most emotional person among the gang, is she? As for the P/J function, we can say that she is much more flexible and spontaenous than Jerry, but she still has that ESTJ like behaviour. [ 'May be unaware or uncaring of how they come across to others, May hold grudges, and have difficulty forgiving people, May have an intense and quick temper,' - ESTJ Personal Growth ]

    The one I am unsure about is George. He seems like an ISTP to me though. But this is because he seems daring and a go-with-the-flow kind of person.

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    I guess the following, but these characters are very difficult:

    Jerry ISTJ
    Kramer ENTP
    George ESTJ
    Elaine INTJ
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    ok, so the layers that need to be unpacked for this.

    is the real jerry istp, intp, or intj? what is his enneagram? 5w4? 3w4? 5w6? the show character can only be aggregated once we get jerry's real type, especially when the show starts off with real jerry sit-comming. jerry's in love with himself in real life too, his 30 rock appearance and the "don't you know who i am????!" larry king moment show he's a megalomaniac (which suggest istps to me). an intp has a different kind of arrogance, i feel.

    kramer could be an entp, the real michael richards is istp?

    george is closest to intp (real jason alexander seems intp), george is 100% preoccuppied by Fe bc he's based on larry david.

    larry david is entp not infj, strong awareness of Fe but a distaste for it, Ti deconstruction, and Ne ideas for plots and general (hilarious?) bullshit.

    elaine is enfj (as is julia dreyfuss). maaaybe entj, or estj. the actual elaine character is full of noise, and the show turns to shit by season 5 anyway. no show should last more than 3 seasons.

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    Jerry: ISTJ
    George: xSFJ (probably I over E)
    Elaine: ESTJ
    Kramer: ENxP

    This show was short on SPs...

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    Revisited, my opinions:

    Jerry - ISTJ
    Elaine - xSFJ (I/E border is fuzzy in her case)
    Kramer - ENTP
    George - toughest character to type, probably ENTP

    Newman - INTP
    Susan - ISFJ
    Papi - ESFJ
    Puddy - ISTJ
    Soup Nazi - INTJ (haha)
    Jackie Chiles - INTJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthie View Post
    This show was short on SPs...
    Haha this is true, I made my typings before reading this. But it's true.

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    Jerry- seems like a NTJ. He's not very reserved, and he's fairly charming with women. Also he's kind of the leader of the group so I'd lean towards ENTJ. Jerry hates a lot of people, and he hates pointless social gatherings and conversations, but that just seems like an NT thing based on the ones I know. Also, I don't by the whole "observational humor means he's an S" argument. It's every day stuff, but its pretty innovative. eNTJ arrogant, autonomous, charismatic, calm/cool/collected, organized but not traditional.

    Elaine- I could also see ENTJ for her. Definitely ExxJ. She's really bossy and always has to be right. Not really the stereotypical "housewife/motherly" type that SFJ's come across as. A little too tough minded to be an NF. I guess she could be ESTJ, but not a very typical one. I'd say she's basically Jerry's female counterpart.

    George- INTP. He's is in no way an ISTP or any other SP for that matter. He has to analyze EVERYTHING. "why is that?" must be the most common phrase he uses about every problem or topic that comes up in the show. He's neurotic, not very smooth in social situations, quirky, and not at all sensitive. He treats everything like it's a math problem that he needs to figure out. Finally, George is lazy, not a planner, and has a spotty work record which indicates P.

    Kramer- I agree with ENTP. Do I need to explain that one.

    I'm not typing the minor characters, I have no idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    Kramer is ENTP if I've ever seen one. Kramerica Industries, the oil bladder, "the Beach" cologne, the Bro... only an ENTP would consistently try to implement his crazy ideas upon the world like that. He never struck me as a feeler either. And a sensor? HA! He's so haphazard and bumps into everything. No way.
    Still stand by my ENTP typing for him, but wow, my justifications were awful

    Jerry: ISTJ
    Elaine: ESTJ
    George: neurotic INFJ
    Frank and Estelle: IxTP + ESFJ

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