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  • I'm INTP and I'm loving it

    46 21.90%
  • I'm INTP and it's not my cup of tea

    8 3.81%
  • I'm INTJ and I'm loving it

    32 15.24%
  • I'm INTJ and it's not my cup of tea

    6 2.86%
  • I'm ENTP and I'm loving it

    10 4.76%
  • I'm ENTP and it's not my cup of tea

    4 1.90%
  • I'm ENTJ and I'm loving it

    7 3.33%
  • I'm ENTJ and it's not my cup of tea

    0 0%
  • I'm INFP and I'm loving it

    31 14.76%
  • I'm INFP and it's not my cup of tea

    9 4.29%
  • I'm INFJ and I'm loving it

    19 9.05%
  • I'm INFJ and it's not my cup of tea

    1 0.48%
  • I'm ENFP and I'm loving it

    14 6.67%
  • I'm ENFP and it's not my cup of tea

    3 1.43%
  • I'm ENFJ and I'm loving it

    2 0.95%
  • I'm ENFJ and it's not my cup of tea

    0 0%
  • I'm S and I'm loving it

    17 8.10%
  • I'm S and it's not my cup of tea

    1 0.48%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sh*ttyKarmaKid View Post
    Light is an ENTJ, though. His main motivation is gaining power and influence and shaping everything the way he wants. That's dominant Te right there.

    Also, dominant extroverted thinkers may not be as people friendly (in the gregarious social sense) as dominant extroverted feelers are, for example, which is why they may seem like introverts to some; but they can certainly fake it! Dom Te readily and easily utilizes people as a means to an end in accomplishing their goals. Moreover, Light dresses and behaves in a way that exudes power, charisma, and charm and is rather persuasive and manipulative in his dealings towards the women in his life. INTJs, on average, don't possess these traits as noticeably. Near seems to be a better representation of an INTJ in the series because his people skills are more muted/lacking, which places greater emphasis on his cold, detached logic and disposition.
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    To be fair, Fe can actually be extremely detached and cold, and in extreme cases, sociopathic - because it understands how to manipulate and control a social atmosphere / other people. Cult leaders and serial killers are (unfortunately) often times Fe doms.

    That being said though, I do agree with NTJ for Light.
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    Yeah, there are actually two kinds of manipulators in MB types, the ones who tell you what THEY would want to hear, while rationalizing why it's a good idea for everyone to hear them out and fall in line (Fi and Te), and the other kind tells you what YOU would want to hear, while rationalizing why you should benefit from it, even if it ends up serving their own logical agenda more (Fe and Ti). And both ways can be equally effective, mind you.

    That being said, Death Note is the ultimate NT-mind-games-jerk-off fantasy among anime (I mean that as a compliment, if it sounds too crude). We have the Te-Fi type of manipulation present in Light (ENTJ) and Near (INTJ), and the Ti-Fe type present in L (INTP) and Ryuk (ENTP). The show covers all aspects of NT behaviour in each of the NT types, and that's why it's still probably the most brilliantly devised anime of all time.
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    I enjoyed the back and forth between Light and L for the first half of the series. I thought it was well put together and interesting regardless of its flaws. The second half of the series didn't have an aspect to it that kept me interested in it like the first half.

    I usually have low expectations though when I start an anime, so I am rarely dissappointed.

    I'd rate the first half as an 7 to 8 ish out of 10 and the second half as 4 to 5 ish.

    All in all, as I did not feel it to be a waste of time, it gets a 6/10 from me. So it is inbetween "I'm loving it" and "Not my cup of tea".
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    My favorite page:

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    i feel like any of the NT types would enjoy this anime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floki View Post
    My favorite page:

    God L was definitely my boy
    There's no love in fear.
    - Tool

    Do we want to remind you of something? Yes: the world is good and we belong here.
    - Richard Siken
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