Although I'm sure only the Canadians know of Stompin' Tom, I can still give other people some information about him to help me type him.

He is a Canadian singer/songwriter who writes songs about Canada, it's people, and places (which is why only Canadians know about him).

First, I can say without a doubt he is an F. In his autobiography, he describes getting "itchy feet" where he can't stay in one place for too long, so he leaves to go live somewhere else untill he gets "itchy feet". He pretty much hitched hiked to wherever he felt like going, and would often change his mind and go somewhere else instead, or go wherever somebody would drive him. On top of this, he seems to really be able to identify with people, and he seems much more interested in personal matters.

I'm not entirely sure about the P/J. On one hand, he often talks about injustices in the world in his book, such as times when he witnessed or experienced soemthing and felt the need to make sure everyone in the world knew about it to make sure it never happened again (for example, he talks about a young boy he knew who got killed on the job, and stressed how tragic it was and how it can not be forgotten that it was work related and the kid was only 7 years old). It seems like it might be J, but I know a some other types (for example, INFP, ENFP) can be very moral without a J. Its also unclear about his everyday perspective on things.

For introversion and extraversion, I think he might be a bit more on the introverted side. He definately enjoys groups of people, such as playing at parties and going to bars, but at the same time he never went anywhere with more than three friends at a time, and certainly did not keep a huge crowd of friends, but rather a few very good friends scattered about in different places. I lean more towards introverted only because he says that, especially as a child, he would go off alone to have some peace and to go over his thoughts.

N/S.... I'm really not sure, it would probably be either. Its hard to tell...

Some other notable things:

When he was a child he says he often played games in his imagination where he was a pirate or explorer of some kind.

Hes extremely sensitive, but he is also very tough. He lived a very difficult life where he felt he had no home because he was always moving and he was often homeless or at a foster home, which he would run away from to find his mother. He says that not being able to see his mother growing up in a foster home and an orphanage was terrible because he thought his mom was the only person who loved him and the only person who he knew always wanted to take care of him. He says that when he found her as a adult, he realized that it was too late to form a good relationship, which tore him up quite a bit, but he also realized that this had all caused him to become a tough, independant thinking person who could make his own way. So... due to the very unfourtunate nature of his upbringing, its only natural he would have some very strong emotions, but even then he still seems to be very emotional and says he often found himself crying thinking about his memories, even as the tough, independant man he became.

Great with words. He pretty much never went to school, but despite this became a great songwriter and, as shown in his book, just has a general talent at using words to explain his ideas.

Describes himself as having an "inventive, imainative mind" as a child (soemthing he feels was repressed by his foster parents, causing further emotional harm).

His songs seem very idealistic... they tell stories of beautiful places with amazing, everyday people. He makes your average fisherman or farmer look like a hero, and every locale look like heaven. Many of them have a strong sense of freedom, and feeling free.... having a free soul.

So, so far I'm thinking he might be INFP or INFJ, but its also possible he might be something else, soemthing with an E or S...