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    Cinnamon Sugar, so what led you to settle on ISTJ for James Polk?

    (Still looking for people's opinions of Woodrow Wilson's type, also.)

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    George Washington - ESTJ
    John Adams - INTJ.
    Thomas Jefferson - INFJ 4w5
    Andrew Jackson - ESTP
    Abraham Lincoln - INTP 9w1
    Ulysses S. Grant - INTJ
    Theodore Roosevelt - ESFP 8w7
    William Howard Taft - INFJ
    Woodrow Wilson - INTJ
    Calvin Coolidge - ISTJ
    Herbert Hoover - INTJ
    Franklin D. Roosevelt - ESTP 7w8
    Harry S Truman - ISTJ 6w5
    Dwight D. Eisenhower - INTJ 8w9
    John F. Kennedy - ESTP 7w8
    Lyndon B. Johnson - ESTP 8w9
    Richard M. Nixon - INTJ 6w5
    Gerald Ford - ISTP
    Jimmy Carter - INFJ 9w1
    Ronald Reagan - ESFP 9w8
    George H.W. Bush - ISTJ 6w7
    Bill Clinton - ESFP 3w2
    George W. Bush - ESFP 7w8
    Barack Obama - ENFJ 3w4
    Autistic INFP

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    I don't get how John Adams could be anything but a quintessential ENTJ. His writings fit ENTJ to a T. One of my favorite facts about him is that he wrote something like three times the amount of letters to Jefferson than Jefferson wrote to him during their famous correspondence in the last years of their lives. So ridiculously ENTJ.

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    I totally see the Te but where are people getting N for John Adams? Hamilton was ENTJ yes totally. But Adams? His feet were firmly on the ground and plugged into the world around him and the here and now. Pragmatic, dutiful, loyal. A fine example of SJ at its best.

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    I realize this is such an unsatisfactory answer - I've read two books on the guy and can't think of him as anything but ENTJ. His actual writing strikes me as over-the-top ENTJ. He was far too visionary to be ESTJ (the only plausible S option). I've actually never seen the guy typed as an S online... hm. Anyway, wish I could explain my thought pattern better.

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    I have the feeling some of that more visionary stuff came from Abigail...

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    These are the presidents that I know by type:

    George Washington: ISTJ, (he himself said that duty is man's ultimate joy.)
    Thomas Jefferson: INTP, (an INTJ wouldn't have comprimised on the slavery issue.)
    Abraham Linclon: INTP, (he filed a patent, and was interested in new technology.)
    Lyndon Johnson (the reconstruction one): ISTJ, (He was soft on the old southern aristocracy and was quite conservative.)
    George W. Bush (the new one, I wasn't alive with the old one): ESTP, (he was a an expert of making an ass of himself, and was heavily into partying, as shown by his innaugural balls, and his huge spending.)
    Barak Hussein Obama: INTP, (he keeps things secret, on issue, and he is very strategic, as well as willing to let in new innovations instead of holding onto old beleifs blind to the contrary.)
    I didn't claim Obama as an INTP just because I want to hype my type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentura View Post
    The architect refers to the INTP type. I read the book.

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    George Washington - ISTJ
    John Adams - INTJ. Maybe INTP.
    Thomas Jefferson - INTP. Maybe INTJ.
    James Madison - INTX
    James Monroe - XSFP? (
    John Quincy Adams - INTX
    Andrew Jackson - ESTP
    Martin Van Buren - ESFP?
    William Henry Harrison - ESFP?
    John Tyler - INTJ?
    James K. Polk - ISTJ?
    Zachary Taylor - ISFX
    Millard Fillmore - ISTP?
    Franklin Pierce - EXFX
    James Buchanan - ESXP?
    Abraham Lincoln - INTP
    Andrew Johnson - ISTJ
    Ulysses S. Grant - ISFX
    Rutherford B. Hayes - ESXP
    James Garfield - ESFX
    Chester A. Arthur - XXFP
    Grover Cleveland - ESTX?
    Benjamin Harrison - IXTJ
    William McKinley - ISFX
    Theodore Roosevelt - ESTP
    William Howard Taft - XSFJ
    Woodrow Wilson - IXTX
    Warren Harding - XXFP
    Calvin Coolidge - IXTJ
    Herbert Hoover - ISTX
    Franklin D. Roosevelt - ESTP
    Harry S Truman - ISTJ
    Dwight D. Eisenhower - EXTJ
    John F. Kennedy - ESTP
    Lyndon B. Johnson - ESTX
    Richard M. Nixon - ISTJ
    Gerald Ford - ISFX
    Jimmy Carter - ISFJ. Maybe INFJ.
    Ronald Reagan - ESFP
    George H.W. Bush - ISTJ. Maybe ISFJ.
    Bill Clinton - ESFP
    George W. Bush - ESXP

    I think you are right for a lot of these. However, I'll let you know my opinions on a few I disagree with.

    George Washington: ESTJ
    (ESTJ's are just as dutiful as ISTJ's. Washington was described as being energetic and sociable. He wasn't an Introvert.)

    John Adams: ENTJ
    (Very outspoken and assertive, his attitude simply caused him to have a lot of enemies- but Extraverts can make enemies as easily as they make friends...)

    James Madison: INTP
    (Was meek- not something associated with INTJ's)

    James Monroe: ISTJ
    (Like Washington, very duty-focused but also more reserved and aloof.)

    John Quincy Adams: INTJ
    (Like father, like son- except J.Q Adams was even more INTJ than his father.)

    Martin Van Buren: XSTP
    (Not sure if he was Introvert or Extravert but he was considered to be a wily and crafty politician- much like Jackson. Not that ESFP's can't be wily but they are less likely to use such behavior for their own self gain.)

    William Henry Harrison: ESTJ
    (Serious and outspoken)

    John Tyler: ESTJ
    (Rough, not an innovative president but rather more practical.)

    Zachary Taylor: ESFP
    (What he enjoyed most was getting drunk with lots of people- not an Introvert.)

    Millard Fillmore: ESFJ
    (Very charitable and considerate- even though not the best of Presidents.)

    Franklin Pierce: ESFP
    (Similar reasons to Taylor)

    James Buchanan: ISFJ
    (Buchanan's presidency was similar to Pierce's but Buchanan was mostly trying to fix what Pierce broke.)

    Ulysses S. Grant: INTJ
    (Brilliant with military strategy. He wasn't like ESFJ Taft or ESFP Harding who had trouble saying no to his friends- Grant was simply completely unaware of how the political game was played.)

    Rutherford B. Hayes: ESTJ
    (Didn't allow drinking in the White House- very strict. However, strangely enough very religious ENFJ is also a possibility..)

    James Garfield- ESFP
    (Brilliant speaker and was somewhat of a hedonist.)

    Chester A. Arthur- ESFP
    (Shop-a-holic and hedonist)

    Grover Cleveland- ESTJ
    (Wouldn't take shit from anyone- very organized and hard-charged)

    Benjamin Harrison- ISTJ
    (Traditional and cold)

    William McKinley- ESFJ
    (Sociable and traditional)

    William Howard Taft- ESFJ
    (Got along with a lot of people and easily made friends.)

    Woodrow Wilson- ISTJ
    (Dutiful, didn't want to compromise anything, worrywart.)

    Warren Harding- ESFP
    (Good guy to have a beer with, lousy president)

    Calvin Coolidge- ISTJ
    (Not interested in theory- traditional)

    Herbert Hoover- INTJ
    (Engineering whiz, strong libertarian ideals, just didn't help us get through the Depression.)

    Dwight D. Eisenhower- INTJ
    (Military genius. Has said that he hated being out in public and didn't like seeing himself on TV. Pushed into politics, rather than actually desiring it.)

    Lyndon B. Johnson- ESTP
    (Opportunistic and flexible- had a "wing it" presidency.)

    Richard Nixon- ESTJ
    (Not sure actually.. he seemed more ESTJ than ISTJ in "Frost vs. Nixon" but ISTJ is very likely too.)

    Gerald Ford- ISFJ
    (Organized and devoted to tradition- very cooperative)

    Jimmy Carter- ESTJ
    (Behind the political smile is someone who is cold, calculating, and very ambitious. After Carter messed up everything towards the end of his first and last term, that was when he chose to withdraw more..)

    George H.W. Bush- ISFJ
    (Cooperative and easygoing with others. Not particularly outgoing- a near opposite of his son (ESTP))

    George W. Bush- ESTP
    ("When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible.")

    Presidents I didn't mention, I agree with you 100% (e.g: Lincoln, Roosevelt)
    MBTI Type: iNTj
    Enneagram Type: 3w4 sp/sx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-up Rex View Post
    ENTJ presidents would be Woodrow Wilson or Roosevelt II
    Other ENTJ among politics are (by my opinion): Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Sergey Ivanov. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was ISTP.

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