I recently bought this game along with Persona 4, as i had heard great things about it. I made it to the end of november before i got tired of grinding and watched the rest of the game on youtube. It is already one of my favourite games ever though, the story is just... awesome.

I'm probably going to start over on easy some time, but right now i just want to move on to Persona 4 (so please keep Persona 4 out of this thread, as i don't want it spoiled )

Anyway, these are my guesses for the main characters (these are just my initial impressions though)


Minato Arisato (Main Character) - whatever you want him to be. In my game, he was ENFP.

Yukari Takeba - ExxP (i am very unsure of this one)

Junpei Iori - ESFP (could be T, i am not sure)

Mitsuru Kirijo - ENTx (Leaning towards ENTJ)

Akihiko Sanada - ISxP

Aigis - Can't be typed (she pretty much starts out as a mindless robot, and in the end she acts more or less like a human)

Ken Amada - Ixxx

Koromaru - ESFJ (he's a dog, but still )

Shinjiro Aragaki - ISxJ

Fuuka Yamagishi - INFP


Takaya Sakaki - ENxJ

Jin Shirato - IxTx

Chidori - Ixxx

lol, i hope someone else has played this game so i didn't type all this for nothing