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Thread: Reggie Perrin

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    Default Reggie Perrin

    I know this guy will be unknown largely to the USA audience, but the BBC have recently made a new series of this popular 70's title, and you can see it on the website here.

    So what type would you say he was? Cos whilst he's quite a believable character, I imagine an awful lot of people would relate to him.

    Seems to me an introvert at least. But yet he craves social interaction. That's about as far as I can get!

    (don't worry, I'm not expecting any replies, so I won't be offended)
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    Oh I loved that show, which I watched when it first came out in the 1970s. Back then it was called: "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin".

    It was based on a series of novels, which were even better than the TV show. I identified strongly with his character - a genial, friendly person who followed the rules most of his life and did what was expected of him, all the time hiding his rich and imaginative inner world from everyone. Finally, when he reaches mid-life, the absurdities of the world everyone else takes for granted become too much for him to bear and he suffers a strange form of mental and emotional breakdown. His inner world comes bursting out in a variety of strange and hilarious manifestations, turning his life upside down and profoundly affecting everyone he comes into contact with.

    When the crisis subsides, he rejoins his family and friends, but with an entirely new perspective on life, persuading most of them to follow his leadership into a series of bizarre but successful business ventures.

    The richness of his inner world, his intital reluctance to break the rules, his trenchant comments and observations on modern society, and his distinct brand of idealism all shriek "INFJ" to me.
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    I love this guy. PBS aired the show at the time.
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