These lists contain versions of famous/public people types (actors, politicians, singers, television anchormans, etc). Almost all of these versions were gotten distantly, where typers might used videos, photos, journalistic interviews, biographies etc. Different typers could use different additional theories, but saying the type in preferences wich are identical in essence among of these typers and can be identified directly by them, - they have made that comparing versions by these typers is relevant.

Features of lists:
1) typers can change opinion, add and remove versions
2) different versions in the list of concrete typer may have different assurance for him, some versions even may have low assurance but are placed in the list without special remarks and look the same as assured versions
3) sometimes the same people have different names in different lists
4) it's rare, but sometimes different people in different lists may have identical names
5) current situation in Jungian typology shows strong divergence in versions by different typers when they do not know versions of other typers prior appearance of their own version, it's bad but is statistically normal (independent match in versions by experienced typers is about 15-30%)

The page with compilation of lists is originally written in Russian language and given here as link to translation by google. Lists that have English part have special remark there:

United compilation of lists of famous people Jungian types