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    although we're superficially similar, honestly, i don't think zooey deschanel is anymore interesting than the olsens...donnie darko, also. aand poorly written/unrealistic characters on tv i guess. but anyway, live and let live, there are actually not that many.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (Yes they are on the famous INTPs list)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    Somebody classified Dan Brown as INFJ. I'd list him in this company.
    O second that if that is really the case, but I'd like to think not. Holy Blood, Holy Grail is not credible source material!!! Yuk. X(

    One on the list I really don't like is Jerry Seinfeld. I can't help it...or Billy Crystal. How are all the INFJ comedians the ones I don't like...

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